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Buckminster Fuller


American Antigravity


Aboriginal Art


News of the Weird


The Onion


The Straight Dope


Sex and Gender in the Biotech Century


Baseball and Cricket


The Economic Impacts of Skateboarding Culture in Philadelphia


U.S. Patent # 4,016,875


Unlearning Ineffective or Obsolete Technologies


Space is the Place - An Interview


Ethiopian Food Recipes


Read about Unicorns and listen to a Sade instrumental


Indonesian Cuisine


The Rise of the Creative Class


The Elephants of Cameroon


Myths and Legends of the Sioux


The Stranger from Outer Space


Useless Pages


Abbie Hoffman


Dharma Beat


The TromaDance Film Festival


Radar Men from the Moon


World War III


Bobby Seale’s Barbecue page


Toy Symphony


Remo - The community of Drum Circles




Sexism, Racism, Ageism and the Nature of Consciousness


Art Crimes




“Tree-free” paper products


Perfect Sushi - The Culture of Japanese Cuisine


Canadian vs American Football rules


Iron Chef


The Autobahn


Your Horoscope


Literature and Culture of the Indian Subcontinent


The Sri Ganesha Tea Bookstall


Space Picture of the Day


Gene Fenton – Fine Artist




The Jedi in The Lotus - An Eastern Look at Star Wars


Prophets and Prophecies


Shaminic Androgyny


University of Life


Global Warming and Climate Change


Interview Mit Maharishi Mahesh Yoga


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Osteoperosis and Soy Myths


Scott LaRock - Lesson of Fall


James Turrell – Roden Crater


The Mestizo - Mexican-Indian History


The Dalai Lama - speeches & writings


Jamaicans of Ethiopean Origins & The Rastafarian Faith


Argentina Recpies by Poncho


Photographing Firedancing


G-Force : Battle of the Planets


U.S. Patent # 5356330


Disco Step By Step


Salsa Lessons Online


Jim and Tim's Duct Tape Fashion Gallery


Troubled Times


Universal Citizen Crop Circle Art


An Incomplete History of Slam Poetry


The e-poets Network


The Summer of Hate


The Temple of Hip Hop






The Darwin Awards


Incense Making


Introduction to Tarot Cards


Jozseph's Chai Recipes


The Power of Zeus


The Vaults of Erowid


The Architecture of Pompeii


Angkor Wat


Gateways to Babylon


The Tiger Information Center


Gravity and Anti-Gravity


Debate on Positive and Negative effects of Anti-Gravity


Cyborg Evolution


MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab


The Human Cloning Foundation


In The Arms of A Robot God


B-movie Reviews


Urban Legends & Modern Myths


Procrastination Dart Game


Super Scientific Gender Test


The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement


The Lemming Myth


Breakdancing tutorial


Amar Chitra Katha


A Brief History of the Black Power Movement


Intro to Quantum Mechanics


Zen Meditation


Satyajit Ray


Paul Robeson


A Huey P. Newton Story


Weapons of Mass Destruction


Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction


Totem Poles: An Exploration


Articles about the Digital Age


Learn some Magic Tricks


The Enterprise Mission


The Buryat Geser


Spirit Web


The Whale Center of New England


The Astrology of Color


The Space Transportation Association


The Parapsychology Foundation


U.S. Patent # 6,293,874


Taoist Mysticism


Brian’s views on Time Travel and Interdimensional Voyages


Akemi’s Anime FAQ


Killer Japanese Seizure Robots


Alternative Anti-gravity technology


Through Mazes to Mathematics


Autobots (Requires .mpeg player)


Surrealist Art - A movement


Phrases of Mass Destructions


PR Watch


Searching for our Primate Ancestors in China


Middle Eastern Food Culture


Approaching the Event Horizon


Cubical Survival Kit


The National Historic Route 66 Federation


Prof. Steve Mann


Ras Adam’s Haile Selassie I / Rastafari Links


The Solar System Population


Yoruba Links


Jean Michel Basquiat


Harry Allen - Media Assassin


The First Nations


The Astrobiology Web


Jim Allen's Japanese Baseball Page


The Pyrotechnic Insanitorium


The Timothy Leary Homepage


Cookie Monster on Shakespeare's Hamlet


The Parallax Test


Everything Postmodern


Einstein’s Relativity


Beyond Einstein’s Relativity


Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory


World Religians and 101 Cults, Sects, and Denominations


U.S. PATENT # 3626605


Information on the Current Mass Extinction


Black Belt Jones Preservation Society


The Cardiff Center for Astrobiology


Life in Outer Space


Cost-effective antigravity technology


Quantum Teleportation


Mullet Hunting Techniques


Church of St. John Coltrane (Will I am)


The AquaThought Foundation




The Death of the Sun


Vodun and Related Religions


DNA computer pages




Dolphin Intelligence


The Outer Streams


Binaural Beat Brainwave Entertainment






Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Lab




The American Board of Hypnotherapy




Imaginary Reality


Canadian Patent # 2010302




UFO 2 Day






Hal9000 Computer




Using genetic engineering to augment the effects of anti-gravity



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