Pictures from our first event on Saturday, March 2nd, 2002.




Audience Appreciation




Gettin’ our groove on





Tony with the anti-gravity skillz




Raising the roof with live improv house music

Left to Right: Nick Marritz,  Ashwin Tumne,  Christiane Leach,  Intellect, 

Soy Sos, Titonton Duvante (DJ)




Kurt Jackson of Technoir-Audio on the controls




Down Tempo groove.  Left to Right:  Nick Marritz,  Christiane Leach,  Nathan Peck,

Intellect,  Colter Harper (guitar),  Jwan Allen of Technoir-Audio (DJ), Moonstarr (Far right)




Tilt your head to the left….  Left to Right:  Nathan Peck,  Intellect,  Soy Sos,

Colter Harper





Nick Marritz on Djembe




The UltraViolet Trio.  Left to Right:  Dave Throckmorton,  Nathan Peck,  Colter Harper