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Hi Ya'll -
I have been riding a bicycle circuit on Sundays that may be of interest 
you two-wheel enthusiasts. It is all flat and there is practically no
vehicular traffic to speak of. The highest hill is the arch in the Ft.
Duquesne bridge. You also have to carry your bike down the steps at the 
of the bridge. Round trip is in the neighborhood of 1.5 - 2.5 hours
depending on how fast you want to ride or how slow you want to enjoy 
views. Send me email if you want to jet around the city and enjoy the 
1) At 6:00 pm on Sundays, I start out in Lawrenceville.
2) I go along Butler, Penn, and Smallman streets to Downtown.
3) I usually fool around downtown because the architecture is readily
available and there is no vehicular traffic to speak of.
4) I cruise to the point and cross over the Ft Duquesne bridge (does 
know why bicycles are not permitted in Point State Park?).
5) I then jet around Heinz field and PNC park.
6) I catch the bicycle trail at Washington's Landing on River Avenue.
7) I pretty much travel the whole perimeter of Washington's Landing.
8) I cross the 31st street bridge and jet thru the upper Strip district 
to Lawrenceville.
9) Then it's time to enjoy a cold beer.
See you on the roads.
Best Regards,
Tim Burak
I recently finished writing and publishing a bicycle guide to the city
called 3 Rivers On 2 Wheels. It focuses on exploring Pittsburgh's
neighborhoods. The book highlights the city's architecture and history 
is all about celebrating urban PGH. The guide includes many b/w 
of places throughout the city.
We have a website at .
Thanks -Lou Fineberg
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