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Apr 13, 2004 - Ressurect our Community Centers!

To the friends of Brookline,


My name is John Van Houwe, I pastor at Brookline Assembly of God. I am working on recovering some of the services that were once held at our community centers. I am in the process of developing “Brookline Network of Hope” which will provide three programs.

  1. Basketball
  2. Summer day trips
  3. Youth community service which will assist our senior residents maintain thier properties.


Would you help me in any of the following ways?

1.      Promote our efforts

2.      Participate and or volunteer in these programs

3.      Provide through financial giving


The mission of the Brookline Network of Hope is to be a resource for building people and strengthening community.


Basketball Registration and tryout are April 24, 10 am to 12 noon.

At Brookline Assembly of God

601 Brookline Blvd., Pgh PA 15226  Phone(412) 561-2250  Fax (412) 561-6054


Practice schedule

 Wed.  Thurs.   Fri.

Teams  1&2    3&4     5&6  6pm     ages 6-9            Instructional

Teams  1&2    3&4     5&6  7pm     ages 9-11            Beginners

Teams  1&2    3&4     5&6  8pm     ages 12-14            Intermediate


Parents may choose the night of practice that is most available for them and their child on a first come first serve basis. That choice will determine one of the two teams they can be on. Tryouts are only to help us match the teams so they are balanced in their skill level.


Game schedule


Instructional ages 6-9                       9am through 11.

Beginners ages 9-11                 12 noon - 2

Intermediate ages 12-14             3 - 5pm


Everyone plays! No preferences! Coaches must allow all players to play for at least 2 quarters. Our desire is to develop character, ability to play as a team and fun have some fun.


As being hosted by a church, we expect appropriate language, behavior and courtesy. No smoking in the building.


Cost $45 for the first child, $30 for the second, $20 for a third that are in the same family.

Cost will include practice and game time, t-shirts, equipment and a recognition and awards event. For spectators and friends there will be a Snack Shack and Video Game Room available during practice and game time.


If you have suggestions for us to make this program a success, please email or write to

Network of Hope 601 Brookline Blvd., Pgh. PA. 15226