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Apr 15, 2004 - Millvale Urban Hike

One more reminder!!!

Urban Hike is out of hibernation! Join us for a hike through
Troy Hill and Millvale THIS SATURDAY at noon. It looks like
we will have perfect weather!

We'll meet at the parking lot in Millvale's riverfront park
(near Mr. Small's skatepark and the Three Rivers Rowing
boathouse--for directions see

Both Troy Hill and Millvale boast some interesting old
churches - one has murals, another is a world-famous
reliquary and the third is a concert venue. We'll try to
briefly stop by all three venues. We'll also pass by Dinette
and vinyl shops, view Lawrenceville from across the
Allegheny and wind up at an ice cream shop that's just

Some small Pittsburgh mountains will be encountered on this
multi-neighborhood hike, so wear comfortable shoes, layered
clothing, and don't forget your water bottle and sunblock.
Just don't wear your finest footwear - Millvale's riverfront
trail may still be a little muddy.

Cost: free

If you have any questions, please contact Christine at:

See you there!

Urban Hike is a project of the
GroundZero Action Network
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