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Apr 20, 2004 - Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance NewsBrief

Volume 2| Issue 24| April 20, 2004

Incumbents & the Arts

Do you really know what your United States Congressman thinks about arts & culture? Let's allow their voting records speak for themselves.

Incumbents vying for federal offices representing Pennsylvania and our region vary on support to arts and culture. Their votes on federal appropriations affect not only the National Endowment on the Arts, but also the National Endowment for the Humanities, funding to the Office of Museum and Library Services and trickle down to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts budget. In 2002 these combined programs brought over $650,000 to arts organizations and artists in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance does not endorse or oppose any political party or candidate. Hey, you're educated, you're informed, and you vote; you can decide for yourself.

Julie Farr
Executive Director
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance


US Senator Arlen Specter; has a record of support for arts and culture with a 7 of 7 voting record aligned with Americans for the Arts platforms to increase or maintain federal funding.

US Senator Rick Santorum; in the past voted to eliminate or redistribute national arts funding. However, since 1998 he has voted toward level funding of the NEA.

US Senatorial Candidate Pat Toomey; supports the elimination of the NEA, redistribution or decreased national backing with 8 votes opposite the American's for the Arts stance.

US Representative Mike Doyle; shows support for the arts with a 13 vote record in favor, none opposed.

US Representative Melissa Hart; since 2003 has voted in favor of increased appropriations. Her previous record had been to maintain level funding.

US Representative Tim Murphy; has voted neither to raise, nor to lower funding.

US Representative Phil English; since 2002 has voted for funding increases and against cuts. His previous record had been neither to raise nor lower appropriations.

US Representative Dick Shuster; has opposed the Americans for the Arts platforms 5 times, voting either to cut $57 million from the NEA or for no increased appropriations.

US Representative John Murtha; has voted to protect or increase national funding with 10 favorable votes since 1999.



Next Tuesday, April 27 is Primary Election Day


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