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Apr 26, 2004 - The Dance of Joy: An exquisite afternoon of Indian Classical Dance in two ancient temple dance traditions

Association for India’s Development (AID), Pittsburgh


Ananda Nartana

The Dance of Joy

An exquisite afternoon of Indian Classical Dance in two ancient temple dance traditions


Sreyashi Dey in Odissi and Vanathi Gopalakrishnan in Bharata Natyam

Using the ancient traditions of Indian classical dance, two of Pittsburgh’s finest dancers, Sreyashi Dey and Vanathi Gopalakrishnan will present a joyous evening of dance. The many divinities of the Hindu pantheon such as Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva and Durga will come alive through tales narrated through stylized movement, intricate facial expressions and elaborate hand gestures. Also featured are dynamic rhythmic pure-dance pieces, with emphasis on technique.

Odissi is a sensuous and deeply spiritual dance style from eastern India, characterized by contrasting flowing upper body and strong, rooted feet movements. Drawing heavily on temple iconography, the style is replete with sculpturesque poses and a characteristic three-bend body position.

Bharatanatyam is a dynamic and intricate dance style that evolved from the gorgeous temples of South India. The very essence of this graceful dance form stems from a treatise called the “Natya Shastra” – the science of dance. Though devotional in spirit, the highly stylized and sophisticated nature makes this a dance for both mind and soul.


Sunday, May 9th 2004 at 3:00p.m

McConomy Auditorium, University Center, Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tickets: $8 Students, $12 Adults

Tickets available at:


Restaurants: Tamarind (Greentree), India Garden (Oakland & Monroeville)

Grocery Stores: Kohlis (Craig St and Greentree)

CMU: University Centre Information Desk (412) 268-2107

Concert proceeds will benefit AID projects in India.



Tel: Abhijit (412) 365 8789


About Sreyashi Dey, Artistic Director Srishti Dances of India:

About Association for India’s Development:

Association for India's Development, Inc. (AID) is a voluntary non-profit organization committed to promoting sustainable, equitable and just development in India, by working with grassroots organizations and movements in India. AID supports and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources, health, women's empowerment and social justice.