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Apr 27, 2004 - [The New Yinzer] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The New Yinzer is on the air!


Contact: Jennifer Meccariello

The New Yinzer Launches Monthly Literary Talk Show on WRCT 88.3 FM

The New Yinzer is proud to announce the premiere of "The New Yinzer on
WRCT," hitting air waves on the first Wednesday of every month at 10

The first show airs on Wednesday, May 5, 2003 at 10 p.m. and features
writers Kathy Tarr and Robert Isenberg reading their work and
the role of memory and nostalgia in their writing.

Everyone feels nostalgic about times and places in their past. But how
does nostalgia work in the hands of a capable writer? How can that
negotiate not only their own histories, but also the romanticized pasts
others to get at truth in their writing? This month, Robert Isenberg
Kathleen Tarr read from their contributions to The New Yinzer’s
Love Stories and try to tackle the topics of nostalgia, capturing the
past, and searching for truths in memory.

Robert Isenberg is a freelance writer and theater columnist for
Magazine, Pulp, and other city publications. His cover story about Ayn
Rand will be in the May issue of The New Yinzer at
Kathleen Tarr is a writing instructor at the University of Pittsburgh
whose work has appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, the Pittsburgh
Tribune-Review, and America Magazine based in Moscow, Russia.

The show is hosted by TNY director Jennifer Meccariello and Also editor
Seth Madej. It also features a literary events calendar.

"The New Yinzer on WRCT" is sponsored by Caliban Bookshop,, and the Sprout Fund. Its theme song is written and
performed by Upstate. WRCT is located on the FM dial at 88.3 and can be
listened to live at

June's show will feature the writers Jessica Mesman and Matt Novak.
Jessica is the managing editor of Creative Nonfiction and Matt is the
editor of Magazino.

For more information about this and upcoming shows, visit or call Jennifer Meccariello at 412/725-7918