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Apr 28, 2004 - May Show at GalleriE CHIZ

An Invitation from GalleriE CHIZ



“Making Tracks”



F r i d a y,  M a y 7,  2 0 0 4,  6 – 9  p m

in conjunction with FirstFriday ArtWalk



Opening Reception for...


Ruth E. Levine

Works on Paper


The underlying themes for this exhibition

are language and geography;

grounding forces of life.



Geography, as presented in “Deep Creek Series”, features india ink marks in precisely

layered horizontal bands of tree lines. These are bounded by etched or salt-painted

strips of seasonal colors on translucent mulberry paper; the topography of a

dream-like, moving landscape - the layered look of time passing.  Also

represented are works showing an intellect’s vision of Mars.


Depicting language, a series entitled “Con text” employing a runic alphabet script

stamped on mulberry paper with layers of inks, seeks meaning under the

surface.  “Con text” connotes the setting.  It also connotes text and

anti-text.  Included are “Time Flows”, “Who Will Walk with Her”

and “Mother Tongue” using “marks” on waxed string paper.


As in all of Levine’s work, the primary interest

is in “making marks” and the way different surfaces

(mulberry, nujabi, and waxed string paper) receive and

distort the marks; the nexus of form, content and medium.


Ruth Levine exhibits in Washington D.C. at Gallery 10 and with

American University’s Group 93.  In the past year,

she has participated in group shows

in the United States and Italy.


t  h  r  o  u  g  h     M  a  y   2  9  ,   2  0  0  4



***May 7 & 8, Ellsworth Avenue Sidewalk Sale



***Reminder… Put June 5th on your calendar for the benefit here,

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