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May 18, 2004 - "Big Straw" Out this Week!

Well, it took a little longer than expected, but we are finally ready 
to release the first issue of "Big Straw" to CMU, the greater Pittsburgh 
area, and the globe.

There will be two release parties for the magazine this Thursday, May 
20, 2004:

The first will be outside Rose Tea Cafe in Squirrel Hill, 5874 Forbes, 
from 5-6 pm.

The second will be at Club Havana in Shadyside (5744 Ellsworth) from 
10-11 pm (this is 21+), w/ special appearance by Japanese underground video 
jackers Laboratory Type-0, and international techno DJ Shawn Rudiman.

What is "Big Straw?"  A new magazine dealing with underground Asian and 
Asian American culture.  But donít expect to get any clear definitions 
of what those terms mean here, because we arenít tour guides.  Our mission 
isnít to define culture, but to explode it, locating fragments of 
identity and meaning in film, music, anime, literature, fashion, car culture, 
sports, toys, and so on.  Rather than fix things, we want to put them 
in motion.  Rather than erect borders, we want to sneak across them.  Like 
the automotive subculture of ďdrifting," we want to move sideways as fast 
as we can.

Hope to see you!

Please feel free to send this announcemt to all interested parties.

Dr. John R. Eperjesi
Postdoc, Dept. of English
Author of _The Imperialist Imaginary: Visions of Asia and the Pacific 
in American Culture_

(if you are one of my student who already left for home, send me your 
address and i will mail you your copies)