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May 26, 2004 - listings for The Quiet Storm

June 3 9:00 $7 (rock)
The Thermals
Cerberus Shoal
Air Guitar Magazine
June 4  9:00 $5 (world)
Native American Ceremonial Drumming and Dance
The Vagabond Collective
June 5 9:00 (rock)
Soma Mestizo
Matula Oblongata
The Gun Shy
Andrew Bryant
June 7 8:00 $5-$10 requested donation (events)
Reurn to Palestine Benefit
w/ members of The Moment
The Layz-e-Boyz
Old Man Baby
June 8 8:00 $5 (acoustic)
Frog Holler
Filthy Gringo
June 9 8:00 (lit and events)
Junkyard Books Multimedia tour
w/ The Layz-e-Boyz
Athens Boys Choir spoken word
June 10 9:00 (rock)
Flidop jam night
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