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Sep 30, 2004 - Life In Balance Oct. Newsletter

Life In Balance
October 2004 OM-Line 
October Schedule at a glance:
8th through 12th:  The Healing Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA
12th, Tuesday: Unity of Wilkes Barre, Wilkes Barre, PA
13th, Wednesday:  Mountain View Studio, Woodstock, NY
14th, TBA
15th through 17th:  New Life Expo, New York City, NY
23rd, Saturday:  Drum A Day Away 2, East Liverpool, OH
24th, Sunday: Whispering Winds, Pleasant Hills, PA
27th, Wednesday:  Sama Kara Wellness Center, Somerset, PA

Upcoming Events:
November 12th till 14th:  Universal Lightworkers Conference, Boca  
Raton, FL 
Matthew Fox, Dan Millman, Sondra Ray, Michael Mirdad, and more
November 26 through 28th: Key West Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship,  
Key West, FL 
February 27th through March 6, 2005: Holistic Holiday at Sea II,  
sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Before we start, we give to you free our latest musical creation.  As  
you are aware, we feel compelled to do whatever we can to energize the  
John Kerry Campaign.  With that in mind, we have given music to Senator  
Kerry’s acceptance speech.  You can download this song, “Won” (or No-W)  
by going to our web site at:  and  
clicking the MP3 link on the home page.  Feel free to download this  
song, make copies and pass it on in anyway that you can. The goal is to  
keep John Kerry’s positive view of America’s future fresh in our minds.  
This is national sound healing from the heart.
We will also be uploading very special web only music over the next few  
days and weeks.

Greetings Everyone,

You can see by October’s schedule that Life In Balance is spending more  
time on the road and will continue to do so in the coming months/years.  
We are, however, booking venues in the Tri-State area (PA, OH, WV) for  
this December/January.  Some have expressed an interest in having Life  
In Balance perform for their Holiday Events, please e-mail us as soon  
as possible.  We will be on tour all of November and are arranging for  
December’s schedule now.  Life In Balance music uplifts the spirit and  
heals the soul.  We add an especially significant and refreshing  
element to the coming Holiday season.  We plan to set the New Year  
Vibration at the Unity Church of Indianapolis at their “Burning Bowl  

Steve has always said in our meditations that “everything you need is  
inside of you”, and so, we are delighted to participate in an exquisite  
healing event in Pittsburgh the second weekend in October -- “The  
Healing Seminar”, Deepening the Connection and Awakening Intuitive  
Awareness with Brazilian Healer Edemir Rossi at The Priory City Inn,  
Pittsburgh, PA.

God is inside you.  Happiness is inside you.  Love is inside you.   
Harmony is inside you. Everything you need is inside you.  We can find  
God with training and meditation.  When we do, we will find Him both  
deep within ourselves
and manifesting continually outside of ourselves.  --  Edemir Rossi

Program Overview: In a naturally sacred setting that was once the home  
of Benedictine monks, we will work with Edemir on our individual and  
collective spiritual journeys.  Through various lectures, discussions,  
exercises, meditations and experiential insights, we will awaken and  
deepen our intuition, spiritual intelligence and higher wisdom.
Some highlights of the program include:
Expansion of Consciousness and the Astral Field
Understanding the Chakras from a New Standpoint and Utilizing this  
Newfound Knowledge for Spiritual Transcendence
Working on Our Future; Manifesting Our Dreams
Co-Creation as a Way to Rebuild and Reframe the Future
Relating Energetics to the Physical Body
A Silent Walking Meditation
Transformational Music by “Life in Balance”
Sunrise Yoga with Dan Heasley
Friday Evening Chant with Ingrid Mundari
For information call: 412-231-3338 or 724-316-4751

We begin a tour of New York this month, the first of many such trips.   
After enjoying our tour of Eastern PA so much last month, we intend to  
continue exploring this area.
We will be at the Unity of Wilkes Barre for a “sound healing  
meditation” on Tuesday the 12th.  The following evening on Wed. 13th,  
we’ll have our first ever session on New York soil at the Mountain View  
Studio in Woodstock, NY.  A potential second venue is being considered  
in Woodstock for the following evening.  Woodstock is in the Catskill  

Life In Balance is presenting their “Sound Healing Meditation” for the  
attendees at the New Life Expo at the Hotel New Yorker in NYC the
weekend of the 15th.  We’ll be performing all three days.  For times,  
review the website:   -- 150 speakers and 150  

Drum A Day Away 2 is on October 23 at the Beaver Creek Church Camp in  
East Liverpool, OH, 10 am till ???
Preliminary Schedule:   
Arrival... let's say about 10 AM , Start a Fire, get the chill out of  
the hall , have a coffee
Chant warm up about  11 AM to 12 PM,  Paul DiFranco will start us up
Drumming the Day Away & Anicet:  Noon till 5PM as the spirit moves us
Dinner made by Ruth  : 5 PM till 6 PM or thereabouts
Desert by Life In Balance:  hows 6:30 to 7:30 sound?
Drumming /Chanting/ Bonfire?'  till 11PM??'s hard to have drums  
and not play them.
Times are Approximate ....gotta go with the flow
Bring a drum or percussion instrument ...your own lunch ..... your  
preferred beverage and your best intentions.  There will be water,  
coffee, tea, and assorted energy foods available, and dinner is  
provided by Ruth Mundundu,  AFIA Catering, will be treating us to some  
authentic Congolese Cusine :::
Reservations required as the cook really needs to know how many to  
expect.    Dan / Pam Susany  435 West Lincoln Way Lisbon,  
LODGING:   If you are interested in spending the night, camp style,  
this will be an additional $15.
It will be a bunk bed, in the main lodge, which is heated, has  
restrooms and showers.  You'll need to bring bedding/or sleeping bag,  
towels, etc,. Pam will arrange for some breakfast fixings to be on hand  
in the morning...... juice, toast, bagels, coffee........ you'll have  
to fix'em yourself.

Life In Balance performs a local (and rare) “sound healing meditation”  
at the beautiful Whispering Winds Stables and Retreat on October 30th,  
Friday.  Whispering Winds believes preventive maintenance for your body  
mind and spirit needs to be looked at not as a luxury – but as a  
necessity! You will be given “tools” to handle the challenges of  
everyday. Each of the services at Whispering Winds Stables and Retreat  
are designed to create long lasting balance. Through educational and  
experiential workshops we promote spiritual growth in conjunction with  
the arts. We like to be viewed as a small window for you to see and  
feel therapeutic benefits of nature, art, music and spiritual growth.  
Art promotes responsibility and tolerance, while enhancing  
communication. Nature provides a calming ambiance, speaking  
instinctively to our spirit. Our Rocky Mountain Horses are the perfect  
complement to your experience.

The August Reiki Exchange with live music from Life In Balance at the  
Sama Kara Wellness Center was so very powerful, We return on the 27th   
and we have decided to make it an on-going event.  Sama Kara is the  
perfect venue for deep healing to occur.  All the Reiki Folk out there,  
DON’T MISS THIS.  See details below.

We then leave for a Florida Tour and complete details will follow in  
two weeks.  We’re looking forward to helping restore some balance to  
this hurricane-whipped state.  We actually step foot on Florida soil on  
Election Day!

In other news: We have started a Life In Balance Yahoo Group.
This is a great place to leave messages for us as well as for other  
sound travelers. Over the next few weeks we will be up-loading photos  
and exclusive
Music. Join the fun at:

October is also month in which we begin the next CD. Look for a  
Jan/Feb. release. See you in the ethers


8th through 12th:  The Healing Seminar with Edemir Rossi,
The Priory City Inn, Pittsburgh, PA.
Performing throughout the weekend
for information: 412-231-3338 or 724-316-4751

12th, Tuesday: Unity of Wilkes Barre, Email:
140 S. Grant St., Wilkes Barre, PA
for information:  570-824-7722
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm; Sound Healing Meditation

13th, Wednesday:  Mountain View Studio, 
20 Mountainview Avenue, Woodstock
for information:  845-679-0901
8:15 pm - 9:30 pm; Sound Healing Meditation

14th, TBA

15th through 17th:  New Life Expo,
Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Ave., New York City, NY
For information:  516-897-0900
Performing throughout the weekend

23rd, Saturday:  Drum A Day Away 2, 
Beaver Creek Church Camp, East Liverpool, OH
ALL DAY – 10 am till ??  
24th, Sunday: Whispering Winds Stables and Retreat, 
Mount Pleasant, PA   Claire @ 724-547-2550
3 pm to 4:30 pm; Sound Healing Meditation

27th, Wednesday:  Sama Kara Wellness Center, 
233 Woodland Way, Somerset, PA;
for information:  814-443-1946
   7 pm to 9 pm; Live Music for Reiki Exchange

Dance, as though no one is watching,
Love, as though you've never been hurt before,
Sing, as though no one can hear you,
Work, as though you don't need the money,
Live, as though heaven is on earth.
--attributed to Rumi, 13th-Century Persian mystic--

To purchase Life In Balance CDs, ‘deeper’ and “Star”
Credit Card orders:
Backroads Music @ 1-800-767-4748
Crystal Tones @ 1-800-358-9492 

Or here:
Paul’s CDs:  Pittsburgh, PA; 412-621-3256
Medica….the Healing Arts, Gibsonia, PA; 724-449-2255
Journeys of Life:  Pittsburgh, PA; 412-681-8755
Ursaline Sophia Center:  Pepper Pike, OH; 440-442-4160
Phoenix Rising:  Charlotte, NC; 704-849-2021

Or through our web site: 
Wholesale orders for both “deeper” and “Star” through New Leaf