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Oct 01, 2004 - LOF Press Release

Take one.  Pass it on.
There was a time when cultures listened to their poets.  Today we mostly listen to that glowing electric box waiting to be impressed by a good marketing campaign, while corporations fornicate with politicians outside our windows and our poets hustle street corners for any upturned ear's simple acceptance of their dying craft. 
In a talent-filled city with no major record label and no nationally-renown artists who remain local; where the top free weekly shows apt attention to renown money-earning out-of-town acts, yet side-glances struggling local artists under shaded what-have-you-done-for-us-lately lenses, Jack Wilson would rather attempt to emerge with his words on the lips of this city's people, instead of in its marginal press coverage.  Nikki Allen would rather hold a feast on aorta and truth than spoon-feed you whatever regular you've ordered from the menu.  It is our intent that you will not see this in the City Paper.  Our flyers do not have any approving symbols of Pittsburgh's cultural elite, nor have we submitted our work to strangers for their general approval and/or financial blessing - though we are not necessarily bitter!  We are simply asking sincerely that those of you whom have experienced and believe in what we regularly present in this city by way of our art, please spread the word  that interpreted pieces of our insides will soon be displayed through craft.  [Text below; flyers attached].
On Friday, October 8th, 2004 from 8pm-9pm at the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty, DJ Brewer (aka Jack Wilson) and Nikki Allen will debut LOF, a series of collages and photography comprised through the eyes of two of Pittsburgh's emerging spoken word poets.  Pop imagery: the unavoidable void.  Nikki Allen regurgitates the pop gloss into a kaleidoscopic visual commentary collage, adding her unique vision and creative discipline.  DJ Brewer knows he's cheating by using a digital camera to capture angles of the everyday, simply to fulfill the growing joy of his favorite hobby.  He wishes he was a true photographer, apologizes, and hopes that you will simply view the final product as his creative offering.  LOF runs until the end of October.  The opening reception will offer hors d'oeuvres and refreshments, while featuring music which inspired the visual work. 
The sky is falling and Jack Wilson doesn't know whether to fight, forge, forage, or go fish.  So he's teamed up with fellow bohéme (producer and stunning visual artist) Noel Hefele, to lay it down for the masses with only a few loaves of breadth and some faith in their message.  Born bastard to a culture due to skin of a different color, Jack Wilson keeps the flame of hip-hop hot inside a bundle of countless layered influences and has set off on a scattered spoken pilgrimage, dwelling not on lofty thoughts of prodigal return.  His name is taken from the European alias of the native holy man Wovoka (whose words inspired the infamous 'Ghost Dance' which preceded and influenced the slaughter at Wounded Knee) and not the Pirates' shortstop.  Jack, who has performed as part of First Fridays on Penn Ave., at "wordsswordswords" at the Lava Lounge on the South Side, and has most recently opened for Ursula Rucker at the Shadow Lounge, will be releasing his first handful of studio tracks as an E.P. entitled "Bridge City Bigtop", after one of the disc's tracks, from 9pm-10pm at the Lounge, following the gallery reception.  Also featuring production by Omega One of NYC and SelfEv of NJ, with additional poetic verses by Nikki Allen and Noel Hefele.  Mp3 sound samples from the E.P., as well as internet purchasing options, will be available on Oct. 2nd at:
These events will comprise the first half of the weekly Hip-Hop Café Series.  Admission is $5 from 8-10pm and $8 thereafter. (18+ byob $2 cork fee).  An open-mic with host Hutch and live band The Rain will follow from 10pm-2amThe Shadow Lounge is located at 5972 Baum Blvd. in East Liberty (412-363-8277) and is the hottest place to see a show up close and cozy this side of the Mississippi.  Thank you to our good friend Justin Strong at the Shadow Lounge for allowing this to be possible.  As of now, the alarmclockcollective is simply a term loosely associated with the product and production of the two artists listed above, for the sake of making it sound official.

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