“There’s no limit to the things that you can do….” – Sun Ra


·       Intro to Quantum Mechanics


·       Astrology Resources


·       Ethiopian Food Recipes


·       Approaching the Event Horizon


·       Africana Studies


·       Church of St. John Coltrane (Will I am)


·       The Enterprise Mission


·       Zen Meditation


·       Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion


·       Sex and Gender in the Biotech Century


·       Beyond Einstein’s Relativity


·       Astronomy Picture of the Day


·       The Straight Dope


·       Indonesian Cuisine




·       Global Warming and Climate Change


·       Gravity and Anti-Gravity


·       The Space Transportation Association


·       Prof. Steve Mann


·       Ras Adam’s Haile Selassie I / Rastafari Links


·       The Elephants of Cameroon


·       Toy Symphony


·       Autobots (Requires .mpeg player)






·       A Huey P. Newton Story


·       Bobby Seale’s Barbecue page


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