Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

@ The Shadow Lounge





element 5


Element 5 would like to thank you for checking out Momentum at the Shadow Lounge.  We are dedicated to bringing out the soul of underground culture in the city of bridges.  We invite you to discover the many fine groups who’ve lent a hand in supporting tonight.  This diverse collective includes GroundZero, SunCrumbs, 7th Movement, WRCT 88.3 FM, BridgeSpotters, 720 records, Hypervinyl, Milk Records, Public Transit Recordings, Ele-mental, Technoir-Audio, and many other elements beneath the surface. Our goal is to promote collective creativity through a fluid intersection of people, places, ideas and vibrations.  In doing so, we seek to connect independent arts and culture to the urban development of Pittsburgh and unlock the potential energy through the poetry of people in motion….


 We'll be posting pictures and audio clips of the night. Please check back soon. In the meantime,




















city of bridges (Pittsburgh, PA)






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