Country Rock & Hip-Hop


If country rock and hip-hop seem like disparate musical genres, take a listen to the links below.  If you ask any quality hip-hop producer (e.g. KRS-ONE, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Prince Paul, Jay Dee, Cut Chemist to name a few) where their penchant for beats come from, they’d probably pull out a stash of old country rock records (along with some children’s records, library LPs, and an obscure album from the US Navy).  Whether the music is country rock, hip-hop, gospel, folk, blues, jazz or techno, there are common elements underlying their evolution and it’s no coincidence these musical forms share the same ancestry.  In the words of Derrick May, Rhythm is Rhythm.


[You’ll need a Real Audio player to listen to these]


Mystery Track # 1


Mystery Track # 2


Mystery Track # 3


Mystery Track # 4


Mystery Track # 5


Mystery Track # 6


Mystery Track # 7


Mystery Track # 8


Mystery Track # 9


Mystery Track # 10


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