If you were ever inspired by "Robocop""Terminator", or "The Bionic Woman",  browse some of these links and find out why the first cyborg will be born somewhere in the hills of western Pennsylvania. 


i.               Technology Transfer and Business Resources 


ii.              Robotics 


iii.             Biotechnology 


iv.             Materials & Manufacturing 


v.              Design and Information Technology


vi.             Electromagnetic and MEMS Technology


vii.            Other Technology Links of Interest



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Technology Transfer and Business Resources


                   Pittsburgh Technology Council


                   Pittsburgh Journal of Technology and Law


                   University of Pittsburgh Office of Technology Management


              Carnegie Mellon Innovation Exchange


                   Carnegie Mellon Innovation Transfer Center


                   Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse


                   Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse


                   Duquesne University Intellectual Property webpage


                   John A Swanson Center for Product Innovation


                   The New Economy Project


                   RAND Corporation’s Science & Technology Page


                   U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


                   Carnegie Library Science & Technology Resources


                   National Technology Transfer Center


                   Carnegie Library Business Resources


                   Regional Community Technology Collaboration – Southwestern, PA


                   The Pittsburgh Business Times


                   Pittsburgh Tech News


                   The New Economy Business Technology Research Portal


                   The BizTech network



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Indiana University Robotics Club


Pittsburgh Robotics Club


The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University


Robotics Industry Resources at the Carnegie Library


Pittsburgh Robotics Initiative


Personal Robots




National Robotics Engineering Consortium


Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center


Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse


Autobots (Requires .mpeg player)




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Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse


Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative


Pittsburgh Human Gene Therapy Center


Carnegie Mellon Biotechnology


Duquesne University Center for Biotechnology




PA BioConnect


Carnegie Library Biotechnology Resources


Center for Biomedical Informatics


Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering


MERITS consortium


University of Pittsburgh, Department of BioEngineering


Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center


                   National Center for Biotechnology


                   Body Media




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Materials and Manufacturing


                   Carnegie Library Resources on Materials and Metals


                   Materials Research Society


                   Metal Site


                   US Steel


                   Other Steel companies worldwide




                   Pittsburgh Plate and Glass




                   University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering


                   Carnegie Mellon University, Electrical & Computer Engineering


                   Institute for Compex Engineered Systems


                   Center for Molecular and Materials Simulations




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Design and Information Technology


                   The Pittsburgh Internet Exchange


                   Pittsburgh Internet Developers Association








                   Merging Media




Ripple Effects


One Life Media


Neural Networks Resources Page


University of Pittsburgh, Department of Information Science


Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (PITA)


Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse


Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center


Pittsburgh Tech News


The Information Networking Institute


Center for Wireless and Broadband Networking




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Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Electromagnetic Technologies


                   MEMS Center


Eying up MEMS


MEMS Industry group


Carnegie Mellon University MEMS Lab


MEMS Projects at CMU Engineering


What is Maglev?


MagLev Quick Links


Electromagnetic Links


Kennedy Space Center Electromagnetic Links


Westinghouse Plasma Center


Data Storage Systems Center


Center for Wireless and Broadband Networking


Parallel Data Laboratory


Magnetics and Optical Storage Projects at CMU




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Other Technology Links:


Who killed Westinghouse?


Post-Gazette article on the Maglev


The Rise of the Creative Class


Towards harnessing creativity


Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Lab


Prof. Steve Mann


Music Anti-Piracy Technology


Industrial Espionage


Autobots (Requires .mpeg player)


The Internet Archive


World Time Server


Protocols for Recombinant DNA isolation, cloning and sequencing


EPA Climate Smart Tips


ASCII to Binary converter


Hal9000 Computer




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