We are dedicated to bringing out the soul of underground culture in the city of bridges and helping build a community interconnected with the elements beneath the surface. Our goal is to promote collective creativity through a fluid intersection of people, places, ideas and vibrations. In doing so, we seek to connect independent arts and culture to the urban development of Pittsburgh and unlock the potential energy through the poetry of people in motion....

element 5


Flux No. 9
Sat Apr 5th /
@ Old Beehive
Sat/Sun Apr 5-6
Midnight to Sunrise
@ The Shadow Lounge
East Liberty]   CLICK HERE


Apr 3rd, 2003 Update  Experience culture beneath the surface! A special week this week. The return of FLUX this Saturday in Oakland. But the party doesn't end at Midnight. In true element 5 style, we present the FLUX AFTER PARTY featuring our resident DJ crew Technoir-Audio with a special afterhours, to further induldge mind, body, and soul (that means good music, BYOB, and free all you can eat waffles!!!) Our picks of the week are listed below.  For comprehensive event listings & happenings, dig through the Culture sections of this website. In addition, Bridgespotters , Ground Zero , emayhem, splashmax and MAP maintain regular email lists of events in the Steel City.  MAP also maintains a comprehensive database of music venues, bands and event promoters.  So dig deep and find your vibe. As always, your feedback is very important to us – please feel free to drop us a line anytime. 



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·       [Feb 18th 2003] - A Call for Flux Artists

·       [Feb 17th 2003] - Artist Call - SoulJazz Productions MC Battle

·       [Feb 15th 2003] - Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network's first 'Public Action'

·       [Feb 6th 2003]   - Khafif Updates

·       [Jan 28th 2003] - SIGHT of STILLNESS A film sharing the experience of meditation.



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element 5 picks [Thurs Apr 3rd  Wed Apr 19th, 2003]:

[This page is updated every Thurs + Fri as we dig for more info on the week’s happenings]




Thurs Apr 3rd 


Thurs Apr 3rd - Film (Documentary): Visions of Light.  The 1993 feature-length chronicle of cinematography in the 20th Century, from the point-of-view of prominent real-life exercisers of the motion picture art and craft. Examining a collage of milestone films spanning from the start of filmmaking (“BIRTH OF A NATION”) to the 1990’s (“DO THE RIGHT THING”) to many points in between (“CITIZEN KANE,” “LAWRENCE OF ARABIA”), “VISIONS OF LIGHT” accessibly dissects the moving image into properties of film form, uncovering the ways that sound, color, widescreen cinematography, and various signature elements of genre style affect the viewer’s experience, and determine how we look at and perceive films. Fastened by directors Todd McCarthy and the late Arnold Glassman, “VISIONS” is a breeze to look at, and a smart encounter into what we see in films, and how that was intended. 5:15 pm @ The Oaks Theater. 310 Allegheny River Blvd [Oakmont]. Info: 412-828-6322 or www.theoakstheater.com


Thurs Apr 3rd - Amnesty International Film Festival. Tonight's features: DAM/AGE - Tracing writer Arundhati Roy's bold and controversial campaign against the Namada dam project in India, which led to a conviction for criminal contempt by India's Supreme Court. As the film traces the events that led up to her imprisonment, Roy meditates on her own personal negotiation with her fame, the responsibility it places on her as a writer, a political thinker and a citizen, and the choices she has made. AH, THE MONEY, THE MONEY, THE MONEY - When the roar of chainsaws shatters the quiet of this idyllic setting, director Mort Ransen and other residents awake to an unexpected intrusion. A logging operation is underway in a pristine central valley. When islanders rally to oppose the cutting, they discover that land developers have purchased one of the largest expanses of undeveloped wilderness in the Southern Gulf Islands. Concerned about its potentially devastating impact, the residents set out to stop the logging. The award-winning director of Margaret's Museum, Mort Ransen documents a lively and provocative-and often amusing-debate. On one side, the developers-who defend their rights as private landowners. On the other, Saltspring residents-who blockade roads and chain themselves to logging to protect their island, its natural habitat, and their way of life. An element 5 must see event!!!  8pm @ Melwood Screening Room. 477 Melwood Ave [Oakland]. 412-682-4111 or  www.pghfilmmakers.org/melwood.html


Thurs Apr 3rd COMEDY Open Stage. Fulfill yourself with Ha Ha's and give unto others as... don't be shy! @ The Rex Theater. 1602 E.Carson St [Southside]. www.rextheatre.com


Thurs Apr 3rd - Club Havana -  Weekly House/Techno/ and other groovy music courtesy of residents DC Space, Jason C, and weekly guest DJs. Rotating DJs weekly with a touch of class. $2 Yuengling / $3 well drink special. FREE. 10pm-2am. @ Club Havana - 5744 Ellesworth Ave. one block from Negley, behind the UniMart. [Shadyside].   email:  jasonc_clubhavana@hotmail.com




Fri Apr 4th


Fri Apr 4th - Good Fridays: Nobukazu Takemura and Jeremy Boyle. Takemura’s music has been labeled everything from hip-hop to electronica, but his approach to composition is best viewed as a DJ using the computer as a turntable or sampler. The end result is a blend of heartfelt melody and catchy beats peppered with musical stutters and glitches. For his performance at The Warhol, Takemura will be joined by John Herndon from the band Tortoise and Matt Lux from Isotope 217. Pittsburgh sound artist and musician, Jeremy Boyle, will also perform. $5. 6pm @ The Andy Warhol Museum. 117 Sandusky Street [Nortthside]. 412.237.8300 or www.warhol.org


Fri Apr 4th - Xpressions Dance Company presents their DRIVERYTHMLIGHT + LIFE.  Featuring the choreography of Robert Battle, Norma Jean Barnes, Kyle Abraham and Staycee Walters. Dance performance beneath the surface! $12/$10. 8pm. @ The Kelly Strayhorn Theater. 5941 Penn Ave [East Liberty]. TIckets: ProArts 412-394-3353. Info: 412-363-3000 or www.kelly-strayhorn.org


Fri Apr 4th - Unblurred !!! The city's east end comes alive along Penn Ave. Every first friday of the month, partake in a fusion of music, art, and culture at a string of venues in Friendship, Garfield, and East Liberty. For event info, drop by The Shadow Lounge or The Quiet Storm or visit www.pennavenuearts.org for event happenings and info.


Fri Apr 4th - The Mattress Factory presents... A Sleepover. Word! Experience James Turrell's blockbuster Into the Light during sunset, into the night and into sunrise. Bring your sleeping bag. $6. Sunset. @ The Mattress Factory.  500 Sampsonia Way [Northside]. www.mattress.org


Fri Apr 4th Hill Jordan & The HardGroove Project (FunkJazz Architects) "Spanning the musical soundscape", from jazz, r&b, house, HipHop, world music, & beyond!! Featuring: Elie Kihonia(Afrika-Yetu) - precussion, Hill Jordan(Versus,Code3) - tenor & soprano trombones, Harrison Rickman(FunkJazzBassist) - bass. With special guests K.L.(writer/co-director of "The Poet's Corner") - poetry & spoken word, Antonio Lordi(The Italian "Blues Man") - guitar & vocals and a Suprise Guest DJ!! 10pm-1:30am. $7. @ Club Cafe. 56-58 12th St. [off E.Carson st, Southside]. Info:  www.clubcafelive.com


Fri Apr 4th - The Kuntu Theatre presents...Ashes to Africa.


Fri Apr 4th - Xanopticon.  Check out this electronic thunderstorm of sound.  Fans of goth, techno, and post-punk unite!!! w/ Line 47, Enduser, Dev79, and Rusuden. @ Quiet Storm Coffeehouse. 5430 Penn Ave [Friendship]. 412.661.9355. www.quietstormcoffee.com  


Fri Apr 4th - Amnesty International Film Festival. Tonight's feature:  THE EXECUTION OF WANDA JEAN.  The film chronicles the life-and-death battle of Wanda Jean Allen. By telling one woman's story, the film becomes an unforgettable exploration into one of America's most controversial moral and political dilemmas: the death penalty. Wanda Jean was sentenced to death in 1989 after she shot and killed her lover, Gloria Leathers, outside an Oklahoma City Police Station. The film finds her eleven years later, her execution date just months away. With chilling intimacy, the filmmakers follow Wanda Jean's final months on death row, as she and her legal team prepare for her clemency hearing, as she and her family, friends, and spiritual advisors have their final visits. The film chronicles Wanda Jean's final weeks as step-by-step her legal team exhausts every option to save her life. A discussion with Amnesty International's OUTFront Program will follow the screening.  5:30 pm @ Melwood Screening Room. 477 Melwood Ave [Oakland]. 412-682-4111 or  www.pghfilmmakers.org/melwood.html


Fri Apr 4th - Hip-Hop Cafe Series. Live music by the Rain Quartet. Open mic for MC's & Poets. Hosted by Ezra. @ The Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd. [Corner of Baum & S.Highland, East Liberty]. 412-363-8277.


Fri Apr 4th - Reggae, Dub, and DancehallFeat. The Reggae Bus Crew. DJs spinning the Deepest Dub and the Roots Reggae. Chill atmosphere. Every Friday @ Pub. I.G. 328 Atwood St [Below India Garden in Oakland].  412-682-1900


Fri Apr 4th - UK Brand presents an afterhours of “head-nod” music to bring your night to a mellow groove. 1am-? @ The Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd [Corner of Baum & S.Highland, East Liberty].  412-363-8277.


Fri Apr 4th - Touch: Afterhours With DJs spinning the most soulful grooves to take you to the sunrise. 1 a.m.-? $10 / $5 for ladies w/ flyer. 18+ @ 6030 Center Ave. For Directions and DJ lineup:  www.soulglo.com




Sat Apr 5th


Sat Apr 5th - FLUX No. 9 !!!  If you've never been to a FLUX event before, then cancel your plans, drag your friends out, and induldge in some real culture in this city!  A multidimensional multicultural mix of the true art, music and culture that embodies the best vibes this city has to offer. FLUX!!! enough said. 7pm-midnight.  $7/$5.  @ King's Court / The Old Beehive [Oakland]. 3807 Forbes Ave [Oakland]. Info: www.fluxpgh.com


Sat Apr 5th The FLUX AFTER PARTY !!! Thought the party ended at midnight? Get real. Element 5 presents... the FLUX AFTER PARTY. Featuring our own resident DJ crew Technoir-Audio spinning the widest selection of jazz, raregrooves, deep house,  soul, reggae, brazillian, afro-beat, asian-dub, classic 80s, and detroit funk!!! Also featuring a free all you can eat Waffle Bar (you heard correct).  BYOB.  $5.   Midnight until Sunrise.  @ The Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd [Corner of Baum & South Highland in East Liberty]. 412-363-8277. For directions, CLICK HERE


Sat Apr 5th - In Verse: A daytime spoken word performance event and workshop. Featuring: Christiane D, J G Boccella, AKil Essoon and others. Spoken word of all kinds, a chance to meet and share for budding artists of the mic and voice. FREE!!! 10:30am-3:30pm. @ Alumni Hall, 7th Floor, University of Pittsburgh. Fifth Avenue across from the Cathederal of Learning [Oakland]. For info call: 412-241-6057.


Sat Apr 5th - Film: Mala Noche. The actors weren’t paid, the budget was low, but Van Sant’s first film is a priceless gem. Poetic and gritty, this black and white film (literally “bad night”) presents a world of lonely characters looking for kindness wherever they can find it. (1985; 78 min)  @ The Harris Theater. 809 Liberty Ave [Downtown]. 412-682-4111 or www.pghfilmmakers.org/harris.html


Sat Apr 5th - UK Brand presents Live: CUSP! (Hip-Soul-Rock). Featuring the multi-dimensional lead vocalist Gene (formerly Jive Family). $5 Cover. : e-mail urbankontent@yahoo.com (include your name and number of guests) before 9pm Saturday and GET IN FREE!! 9pm. @ Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd. [corner of Baum & S.Highland in East Liberty]. 412-363-8277


Sat Apr 5th -  "Salsa". Shake your hips to the sounds of Tropa Orchestral.  @ Cozumel. 5505 Walnut St. [Shadyside]. Info:  Pittsburgh Salsa Web


Sat Apr 5th - Xpressions Dance Company presents their DRIVERYTHMLIGHT + LIFE.  Featuring the choreography of Robert Battle, Norma Jean Barnes, Kyle Abraham and Staycee Walters. Dance performance beneath the surface! $12/$10. 8pm. @ The Kelly Strayhorn Theater. 5941 Penn Ave [East Liberty]. TIckets: ProArts 412-394-3353. Info: 412-363-3000 or www.kelly-strayhorn.org


Sat Apr 5th - Live Afternoon Music. Featuring Phatmandee, Soma Mestizo, Bull Seal!,& "the Nerve" .  Noon until 5pm. On the University of Pittsburgh Uppercampus. Go up cardiac hill, hang a right, listen for the booming sound. [Oakland]


Sat Apr 5th - Beam. CD Release Party!!!  The quintet mark the long anticipated release of their debut CD "Inception" with their trademark live performance.  Expect heavy doses of Funk, Hip-hop, Jazz, Drums, Bass, and spaced out experimental sounds. @ Club Cafe. 56-58 South 12th St [off E. Carson, Southside]. 412-431-4950 or www.clubcafelive.com


Sat Apr 5th - Touch: AfterhoursWith DJs spinning the most soulful grooves to take you to the sunrise. 2 a.m.-? $10 / $5 for ladies w/ flyer. 18+ @ 6030 Center Ave. For Directions and and DJ lineup:  www.soulglo.com




Sun Apr 6th 



Sun Apr 6th - DJ Vadim.   This DJs got a lot to express about current situations in world affairs. But the expressions flow from two turntables and a mixer rather than the typical mouth. This is instrumental hip-hop at its finest. Do yourselves a favor. w/ Lone Catalysts and DJ Selecta (Big up 720 Records). 8pm. @ The Rex Theatre. @ The Rex Theater. 1602 E.Carson St. [Southside].  www.rextheatre.com 

Sun Apr 6th - EVERY SUNDAY - local MCs...get together...for one moment to "Lose Themselves" for ONe CHance. to SHOW UP and BLOW UP. ITS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER...why haven't you stopped by Pittsburgh's Biggest OPEN MIC event? Up the street from the Spaghetti Warehouse (2 blocks) and Metropol (9 blocks) on Smallman street and right across the street from The Foundry Ale Works (2816 Smallman Street) and the Smallman Deli. NO EXCUSES. MC Battle & Party. Every Sunday Night 6pm until 10pm / $10 Admission @ The Warehouse. 2835 Smallman St. [Strip]. Info: 412 428-0263 or openmic@pittsburghhiphop.com or http://www.pittsburghhiphop.com/


Sun Apr 6th - THE ALL STAR GAME. This night brings out the best of the best djs spinning deep house, old soul, disco, afro beat and anything else with a vibe. An element 5 favorite! Drink special: 1/2 off all Martins until midnight. No Cover. 10pm-2am @ PUB I.G on the lower level of India Garden, 328 Atwood St [Oakland]. (412)682-1900 or The All Star Game Website


Sun Apr 6th - Bros. Peck Jazz Satellite. Live Jazz. Good Coffee. ‘nuff said. @ Shadow Lounge.  5972 Baum Blvd [corner of Baum & S.Highland]. 9:30pm-1am. 412.363-8277


Sun Apr 6th - Spoken Word Sundays (open mic). 8pm @ Quiet Storm Coffeehouse. 5430 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. 412.661.9355. www.quietstormcoffee.com  




Mon Apr 7th 



Mon Apr 7th - Rejoicing, Crying, Creating: the experience of African American Theater Artists. rying, Creating is back and better than ever. This time, our panel of veteran African American theatre professionals is comprised of the incomparable Ms. Irma Hall, Mr. Ernest Perry, Jr. and Dr. Vernell Lillie. Ms. Hall and Mr. Perry are starring in Birdie Blue, now playing at City Theatre. Ms. Hall is best known as Big Mama in Soul Food and Voodoo Priestess from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Mr. Perry has appeared on ER and Star Trek and in the films Liar, Liar and The Color of Money.  Dr. Vernell Lillie is a director and producer of Africana theater and has been in the business for more than 50 years. As founder of Kuntu Repertory Theater, she has launched the careers of many African American theater artists.  Together, Hall, Perry and Lillie will tell us how they got into the business of film, television and theater, and will discuss how issues of race, politics and multiculturalism impact their work. They'll also present top-notch dramatic readings. Then, they'll take your questions.  Rejoicing, Crying, Creating promises to be a lively and inspiring discussion and a glimpse into the joys and challenges of theater. Sign up and reserve your space today! FREE to Pitt Students, faculty and staff. Noon until 1pm @ the Assembly Room, William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh.  Fifth & Forbes @ Bigelow Blvd [Oakland]

Mon Apr 7th - Agave Mondays:  @ DeJa Vu Lounge.  2106 Penn Ave [Strip District]. Info:  www.innerchild.biz


Mon Apr 7th - Revolve w/ Resident DJs Kerem & Kaleo.. @ Zythos. 2108 E.Carson St. [South Side]. 412.481.2234.


Mon Apr 7th The Crawford Grill IS OPEN every Monday night from 8-12.  NO COVER!!!   Live Jazz Feat: Kenny Blake - Sax. Jeff Grubbs   -  Bass. James T Johnson III - Drums. Howie Alexander – Piano. @ The Crawford Grill. 2141 Wylie Avenue. [Hill District]. 412-471-1565.




Tues Apr 8th 


Tues Apr 8th - New Club Night: FLAVOR. every Tuesday at Pub I.G. Cross-section of electronica music for people who would like some weekday action. Rotating DJs and Musical Styles showcased weekly. @ Pub I.G. on the lower level of India Garden, 328 Atwood St [Oakland] (412)682-1900.


Tues Apr 8th - Ya Dig?! 720 Soul night. Featuring rare grooves, jazz, and scratchy funk records of DJs Selecta and Bus Pass. 9pm-1am [kitchen open until midnight]. @ Kelly's Bar & Grill. 6012 Penn Circle South [East Liberty, just down the street from Shadow Lounge]. 412.363.6012


Tues Apr 8th - Access Magazine presents: V.I.P. Tuesdays. A new night featuring 2 levels of music - Hip Hop and Reggae upstairs / House. Rare Grooves, and Down Tempo Downstairs. Featuring an Exotic Drink Menu. Exclusive Door by Ursula (for those who know). @ Zythos & Memphis Lounge. 2108 E.Carson St [Southside]. Info: 412-391-1317.


Tues Apr 8th - Jazz Lounge. Featuring Reggie Watkins. @ The Rex Theater. 1602 E.Carson St. [Southside].  www.rextheatre.com 




Wed Apr 9th 


Wed Apr 9th - Live Jazz. Good Food. Libations. 8pm. @ The PGH Deli Co. 728 Copeland St. [Shadyside]. 412-682-DELI or www.pghdeli.com


Wed Apr 9th - "Salsa". Salsa Lessons & DJs spinning salsa music @ Club Havana. 5744 Ellsworth Ave [Shadyside]. 10pm. 412-661-2025.visit the Pittsburgh Salsa Web.


Wed Apr 9th - THE NEW ALCINDORS and COUNTER ACTION. FREE SHOW! Stripped-down without the nudity. A rare appearance of the "Alcindor 3". Instead of the usual 4 to 7 piece indie-soul ensemble, the band serves up a New Alcindors show that harkens back to its origins as a 3 piece for one night only. Free. thenewalcindors@earthlink.net


Wed Apr 9th - Women’s Night Out. Open Mic for Emcees | Poets | 9pm-1am. Shadow Lounge. 5972 Baum Blvd. 412.363.8277. [East Liberty]


Wed Apr 9th - DJ Vinny spins the best of House music and Soulful grooves to get your body & soul shakin'. @ @ PUB I.G on the lower level of India Garden, 328 Atwood St [Oakland]. (412)682-1900 or The All Star Game Website


Wed Apr 9th - Nostalgia. Every Wednesday, DJs SMI and Nate Da Phat Barber spin the most Classic Hip hop, R&B, and Reggae with a new school vibe. 21+. $8.  10pm-2am. @ Kayla's Place. 4923 Penn Ave [Garfield]. Info:  www.soulgardenlive.com



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