We are dedicated to bringing out the soul of underground culture in the city of bridges and helping build a community interconnected with the elements beneath the surface. Our goal is to promote collective creativity through a fluid intersection of people, places, ideas and vibrations. In doing so, we seek to connect independent arts and culture to the urban development of Pittsburgh and unlock the potential energy through the poetry of people in motion....


Rock Against Racism

Sat Aug 23rd | Penn Ave

Sat Sept 13th
@ Shadow Lounge



Aug 14th, 2003 Update If you hear some strange samba sounds, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Our Sincere apologies for the lack of updates in the last week. Summer vacations have slowed things down for our web hacks. In addition the posse is now focusing on bringing another massive update to this website online sometime next week. So hold tight!  For comprehensive event listings & happenings, dig through the Culture sections of this website. In addition, Bridgespotters , Ground Zero , emayhem, splashmax, The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative, Pitt Arts and MAP maintain regular email lists of events in the Steel City.  Our collective works hard to bring you updated local cultural information. Your feedback is most important to us as we continually  improve our website to bring you up to date cultural and community info. Please feel free to drop us a line anytime - element5ive@yahoo.com  



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·       [July 15th  2003] -  THE WARHOL:  Andy Warhol's 75th Birthday

·       [July 15th  2003] -  DANCE ALLOY - Updates

·       [July 15th  2003] -  ART OF NEWS - Premiere

·       [July 14th  2003] -  BRIDGESPOTTERS - PGH event e-list

·       [July 14th  2003] -  7TH MOVEMENT / SHADOW LOUNGE - Updates

·       [July 12th  2003] -  PROJECT 1877 - Clean Up Days

·       [July 11th  2003] -  EDITORIAL - Civil Rights The Sequel

·       [July 10th  2003] -  PAAI - Artist Studio/Living Rental Spaces

·       [July 10th  2003] -  CLEAN BRADDOCK INITIATIVE

·       [July 10th  2003] -  INNERVENUS - Maryland Band needs help for tour

·       [July 10th  2003] -  MATTRESS FACTORY - Updates + Happening

·       [July 9th  2003] -  GROUND ZERO - Happenings List pt.2

·       [July 9th  2003] -  GROUND ZERO - Happenings List pt.1

·       [July 9th  2003] -  PENN AVENUE ARTS INITIATIVE - PAAI e-list

·       [July 9th  2003] -  SALVO - Call for salvage artists

·       [July 6th  2003] -  EMAYHEM - Weekly Listings

·       [July 5th  2003] -  PROJECT 1877 - Calendar of Events

·       [July 4th  2003] -  INNERVENUS - news + updates

·       [July 4th  2003] -  PROJECT 1877 - Clean Up

·       [July 2nd  2003] - PITT ARTS - e-list

·       [July 1st  2003] - UNION PROJECT - Volunteer Request

·       [July 1st  2003] - CMU NEW PLAY FESTIVAL - Announcement





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