We are dedicated to bringing out the soul of grassroots culture in the city of bridges and helping build a community interconnected with the elements beneath the surface. Our goal is to promote collective creativity through a fluid intersection of people, places, ideas and vibrations. In doing so, we seek to connect independent arts and culture to the urban development of Pittsburgh and unlock the potential energy through the poetry of people in motion....

Fri Dec 12th 2003   |    1am until ?
Free. 21+ ID req'd. Donations for the keg accepted.

@ Shadow Lounge
5972 Baum Blvd [East Liberty]. 412-363-8277

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new   Nov 25th, 2003 Update   We're back online after a long timeout.  The element 5 collective has been very busy as of late. But the sweat transforms into reward as we gear up to put on the most extravagent of our events,  Red Hot + Momentum, a benefit for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force in commemoration of World AIDS Day. It's absolutely marvelous how the community at large has rallied around this cause. As such, we anticipate our next Momentum to be a real foot stomping show stopper. So come on out and support a worthy cause - all proceeds benefit the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and their AIDS awareness and prevention programs.  Click on the image link above for more info on Red Hot + Momentum, and if you can, help spread the word. Together we can deliver a much needed holiday present to those on the front lines of the battle against HIV and AIDS. On separate but upbeat note, this website is finally about to be updated and will be back in full swing within the soon. Our apologies for the delayed updates (and bouncing mailboxes). Some personnel changes among our web hacks (Best of luck T.I. & A.J.) and the chaos of organizing another big event have slowed things down online. We thank you for your patience and for your continued feedback. Your collective suggestions are fabulous and it's your feedback that drives us to keep element 5 as an ad-free cultural information hub by and for the community. So, Please feel free to drop us a message anytime - element5ive@yahoo.com.  And as always, keep your good vibes strong!

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·       new   [Oct 8th  2003] - BEAM - Upcoming Shows

·       new   [Oct 8th  2003] - QUANTUM THEATRE - Upcoming Production - "Closer"

·       new   [Oct 7th  2003] - THE OAKS THEATER - Slight Schedule Change

·       new   [Oct 7th  2003] - SNAPS & TAPS (Columbus, OH) - Upcoming nights

·       new   [Oct 6th  2003] - SOMA MESTIZO - Updates and Upcoming Shows

·       new   [Oct 6th  2003] - CITY THEATRE - Upcoming Production - "Lovely Day"

·       new   [Oct 6th  2003] - BOBBIE TOWNSEND - Singer/Songwriter Available

·       new   [Oct 5th  2003] - THE ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM - JFK Assassination 40th Anniversary Exhibition

·       new   [Oct 5th  2003] - THE NEW YINZER - Pros Only Returns!

·       [Oct 1st  2003] - FLUX - Mt.Oliver/Allentown is in FLUX

·       [Oct 1st  2003] - MAMARAMA - Updates

·       [Oct 1st  2003] - 7th MOVEMENT - New ethiopian restaurant + other updates

·       [Sept 30th  2003] - UPCOMING MUSIC FESTIVAL - Bridge to Independence Benefit

·       [Sept 30th  2003] - CLOH.org - Updates + Upcoming meeting info Re: Public Education

·       [Sept 30th  2003] - GREATER PITTSBURGH ART ALLIANCE - News Briefs

·       [Sept 29th  2003] - WAMO + NEW PITTSBURGH COURIER - Reminder: Oct 6th is Voter Registration deadline

·       [Sept 29th  2003] - THE ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM - Upcoming November Events

·       [Sept 29th  2003] - STEEL VALLEY ARTS COUNCIL - Upcoming Exhibit

·       [Sept 29th  2003] - PGH DEEP HOUSE - Updates

·       [Sept 29th  2003] - ASSOCIATED ARTISTS OF PITTSBURGH - Workshop on Career Paths in the Arts

·       [Sept 28th  2003] - KHAFIF MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE - Updates

·       [Sept 27th  2003] - NEW PITTSBURGH COURIER - Updates

·       [Sept 25th  2003] - SKINNY BUILDING - Ongoing Exhibition






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        ·       new   Ground Zero  [Oct 8th, 2003]

        ·       new   Bridgespotters [Sept 26th, 2003]

        ·       new   Emayhem [Oct 5th, 2003]

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