Thursday August 21st, 2003

Who: element 5 -
What: Momentum - the one year anniversary
When: Saturday September 13th, 2003 - 10pm-5am
Where: Shadow Lounge - 5972 Baum Blvd [East Liberty].

PITTSBURGH - Element 5 presents "MOMENTUM - the one
year anniversary", Saturday September 13th, 2003 at
the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jazz, Soul,
Spoken word, Rock, Funk, electronic experimentations
and world music influences nucleate in celebration of
a new urban culture that has been growing in the city
over the past year. Performing for the one year
anniversary celebration will be the members of world
funk combo Soma Mestizo, the Jazz Satellite quartet,
vocalist Carolyn Pertete and Christiane D, spoken word
artist Davu Ayomi, electonic musician Shawn Rudiman,
Hill Jordan on the Trombone, guitarist-DJ-composer Soy
Sos and DJ Ed-Umm from the Andy Warhol Museum. Ground
crew and mission control for the evening will be
co-ordinated by local electronic music collective

"MOMENTUM is a unique evening of live imrpov
performance," said Jwan Allen, founding member of
Technoir-Audio. "It involves a gathering of a dozen
musicians from diverse musical persuasions, putting
them all on stage at the same time, and having them
perform a completely unrehearsed show while engaging
the energy of the audience to the fullest. The improv
element is highlighted by the fact that some of the
musicians will be meeting for the very first time that

"With our one year anniversary show, we hope to
continue to expand the possibilities of live improv
performance," said Herman Pearle (aka Soy Sos),
founding member of internationally acclaimed music
group 3 Generations Walking. "The music of our past
events has been a diverse palate of cultural
influences. From indigenous sounds of the Didgeridoo,
Tabla and Sitar; to contemporary combos of the drum,
guitar, bass and keys; to futuristic sounds of
electronic rhythm sections, DJ turntablists, and the
Theremin; to the organic vibrations of the human voice
in spoken, musical, and rhythmic forms. This is the
essence of MOMENTUM. This is the pulse of the new
Pittsburgh urban scene."

The MOMENTUM performance series was initiated and
organized by the element 5 collective, a core group of
creative Pittsburgh east-enders, to showcase not only
the diverse musical culture in the city but also to
provide a multi-dimensional forum for creative
exploration and cross-pollination among young people
in the city. The series has also come to serve as part
of the group's overall goal in connecting the city's
diverse arts and culture scenes to the technological
innovations and urban development taking place in
Pittsburgh today.

"MOMENTUM is not just an energetic night of live music
and DJs," said Christiane D, local artist, cultural
icon, and vocalist for Soma Mestizo and 3 Generations
Walking. "It represents our vision for a vibrant
creative culture and a new perspective on the
possibilities of Pittsburgh in the 21st century."

Element 5 evolved from a local collective of
musicians, artists, small business proprietors,
high-tech junkies, and young professionals to help
unlock the potential energy of a diverse creative
community. In addition to the MOMENTUM series, various
concerts and past DJ socials, the group has turned
their website into a vast information hub spotlighting
the growing cultural and technological elements that
will serve as seeds for Pittsburgh's evolution into a
world class city. In the words of PULP Magazine,
"Element 5 has become a meeting ground for dozens of
arts organizations and venues, hundreds of artists and
the thousands of people who support them all."

"We are pleased to be hosting MOMENTUM once again,"
said Justin Strong, owner and operator of Pittsburgh's
trend setting urban coffeehouse, The Shadow Lounge.
"The element 5 collective are not only spotlighting
the best of global culture in our city but also
representing the best of Pittsburgh to the rest of the

MOMENTUM will be taking place Saturday September 13th,
2003 at the Shadow Lounge. The evening begins at 10pm.
Cover for the event is $8. The Shadow Lounge is
located at 5972 Baum Blvd in the East Liberty
neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. The Saturday evening
event will be preceded by a free pre-party night at
Club Havana on Thursday September 11th, 2003 featuring
DJs Selecta, Soy Sos, and Ashwin Tumne.


Media Enquiries:

Ashwin Tumne
412-624-5772 (daytime) | 412-681-5886 (evening)

Artist & Community Liason:

Christiane D

Technical Production:

Tuff Sound Recordings

DJs & Music Programming:

Herman Pearle (DJ Soy Sos) - Tuff Sound Recording

Jim Scogletti (DJ Selecta) - 720 Records

Edgar Bucholtz (DJ Ed-Umm) - The Andy Warhol Museum

Jwan Allan - Milk Records | Technoir-Audio

Arnie Pannell - Technoir-Audio

Ashwin Tumne - Technoir-Audio

Thomas Donnatelli (DJ Centauri) - Coca Lounge | NYC

Website Enquiries:

Shadow Lounge:

5972 Baum Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Club Havana:

5744 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205