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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 12:53:26 -0400
Subject: momentum / element 5

Hi Scott,

Just dropping you a note to touch base. Thanks for your interest
in our upcoming event on Sat Sept 13th at the Shadow Lounge. What
we're celebrating is not just our own collective's one year
anniversary, but also the many positive things have happened in
the local music and arts scenes. There's a new cosmopolitan
culture emerging in this city and if anyone’s wondering where the
future of Pittsburgh lies, perhaps a look beneath the surface
might provide a fresh perspective. Our collective's goal has been
to expose the immense potential of largely unnoticed cross-
pollinating network of young creative people that exists in our
urban core. It's a community that includes artists, small
businesses, cultural venues, community groups, young
professionals, high-tech junkies, and countless individuals with
an eye to the 21st century. If anyone's curious about where to
find this diverse pool of talent and creative energy, a good
starting point is Momentum.

Just in case the element 5 email didn't go through. I've attached
our press release below. Our contact info is included - please
feel free to be in touch at your earliest convenience. Looking
forward to chatting with you some more. Take care.




Thursday August 21st, 2003