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Continuing the Dialogue: The Warhol Artist/Educator Projects

The Andy Warhol Museum Artist/Educator projects have been completed, and the show will open Friday, April 4th.  All we need now is you.  Yes, YOU and your crew, whomsoever that will come to see four projects which speak to the dynamic power of true dialogue and collaboration, extending the dialogue of the Without Sanctuary exhibit shown last year at the Warhol. 

Check out the attached pdf, and forward it and this message as you would that chain letter that promises you those millions from Microsoft, that oh-so-funny photo of folk demonstrating what not to wear to work, or jokes about R. Kelly.  If YOU don't plan to attend, get five people to come in your stead.  You don't want to miss it!

Here is the info in in-line form:

Continuing the Dialogue: The Warhol Artist/Educator Projects

A Follow up to Without Sanctuary

Exhibition: April 4th-30th, 2003

Open House: Saturday, April 5th, 12-4 PM

Closing Reception: Thursday, April 24th 6-8 PM

At: Artists Image Resource, 518 Foreland Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

(412) 321-8664

Exhibition Description

Throughout the duration of the Without Sanctuary Project, the museum's Artist/Educators facilitated public dialogues alongside community facilitators and worked with a wide variety of schools on dialogue and art-making projects in response to the images in Without Sanctuary.  As a means of continuing dialogue within the community and of exploring some of the diverse issues raised by dialogue participants, Artist/Educators developed community projects that brought together art and dialogue.  This exhibition culminates the work of the Artist/Educators and shows the rich possibilities of how art making can promote dialogue around personal, cultural, and civic issues.

Projects Include:

Free to Be: African American Women's Hair Circle , Jamilla Rice & Sarah Williams

Fried? Dyed? Laid to the side? Short, dark, and curly, or big, blonde, and brassy? 8 African American women of varying ages and backgrounds gathered to share their personal hair journeys while remarking on the boundless complexity of their hair and its place within a society too-often devoid of varying positive images of African American women.

Men's Lives, Maritza Mosquera

This project brought together black and white men for conversations about all aspects of their lives with the aim of creating close connections, accessing true knowledge and the sharing of insights.  

Striking Images: Recapturing Stories Around Personal Photographs,  Carrie Schneider

This project features a collaboration between Carrie Schneider and seven women from Grandparents as Parents (GAP), a support group for women raising their grandchildren as The Parental Stress Center, a non-profit center for families in Pittsburgh's East End.  Striking Images features photographs and transcripts of the discussions and contemporary photographic portraits of the women taken by Carrie Schneider.

Scripts for Behavior, Tresa Varner, Adam Carnes, Diana Ngo

This collaborative art project focuses on issues facing teens today.  the project's aim is to provide a forum for a group of ten Pittsburgh teens to express their ideas and opinions, and then to communicate those ideas in an artistic form to others in their community.  The exhibition will have two parts, one is a series of digital photographs created by the teens and the second is a "hands-on" component where the audience will have the opportunity to interpret the teens' artwork and create digital images in response, also for display in the gallery.

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