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Hi Fellow Citizens,

Newsmaker ink with a photo ran in the daily paper today:

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My last email blast to you goofed on the dates. Sorry. Darn fingers.
checkers can't figure out APRIL isn't URGENT can they???

1) Planning meeting: Monday, August 11 at 6 pm.
2) Community meeting: Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 6:30 pm.

    Both events are OPEN in the park at 12th Street, (Armstrong) and do
bring your own lawn chair. Perhaps I'll see you there????

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At 4 pm today, Monday, Aug 11, the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) are
gathering again at the City-County Building on Grant Street. I was
yesterday to show support and mingle. I also joined with the EMS-crew
Thursday. Conditions are ripe for a resignation of the Murphy
and some others. I used the slogan, "Think Again." Now I wonder if the
is thinking at all.

Citizens, it is worth the effort to talk to these guys. A big union
split is
clear. The shouts of "Liars" go not only to Tom Murphy, but the chief
from veterans on the force.

Yesterday's excuse was that they didn't have the numbers to talk. But
mayor called for the meeting's time and place. If the Mayor doesn't
KNOW the
numbers after 10-years on the job, he needs to step aside.

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In the open meetings at the Park today and tomorrow, our first activity
focus on the children. These are stressful times. Even 'great students'
build fears and worries with "back to school." Now its without crossing
guards, closed pools and Rec Centers and anguish -- yet alone loss jobs
mom and/or dad. We need to close ranks among our kids and let them know
the world isn't going to end. As parents, neighbors, community members,
care and love them. The mayor is using the kid's as pawns, and things
changing. But, we'll help each other, refocus, and come up with new
activities. Now can be a great time to pick up musical instruments and
free ebooks -- Lewis & Clark's diary is on Project Gutenberg.

    The Mayor does NOT play well with others. But we do. And, we'll
lead by
showing a better example of life in Pittsburgh.

    We can't scatter. Together we can talk about some fun things, some
gimmick and be creative. We'll vent and debate and dig for the truth.

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I'm an aquatics and recreation advocate with professional experiences
these fields. Other folks are stepping forward and are willing the make
plans and great use of Rec Centers for basketball, hockey, volleyball,
dance, and the arts. I will personally push to reopen and manage the
indoor city swim pool, Oliver Bath House.

If the city wants to close the Zone 3 police station (central to the
Side) -- then we demand the keys (access) to the now closed, indoor ice
rink, the Oliver Bath House (indoor swim pool), and the Market House
above a Senior Center).

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If you want to talk or email, please do. Cell: 412-298-3432. I'd be
happy to
network with your community group(s) and present updates and hold
discussions on your turf and schedule. Let's make an appointment. At
least, adults can join the COMMUNITY UNITY event on Sept. 11 at 8 pm at
Cafe, 85 S. 12th Street.

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Here is today's article (MR fixed) by Mike Wereschagin.

* Mark Rauterkus
* South Side
* 45
* Wife, Catherine V. Palmer; two children
* Bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio University, 1982
* South Side activist and stay-at-home father. Ran for mayor of
in the 2001 Republican primary election and is a member of several
* Frustrated with the recent cutbacks in city services, Rauterkus has
planned a community meeting for 6:30 p.m. in Armstrong Park, a South
park at the corner of Carson and 12th Streets, to discuss reopening the
city's recreation centers. Concerned parents and community volunteers
staff the centers, if the city will let them, Rauterkus said. He added
attendees probably will discuss things like the crossing guard and
* "The volunteerism needed now is going to be huge. The city is going
have to get out of our way."


Mark Rauterkus

Instigator: Youth Technology Summit, http://Summit.CLOH.Org
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