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My name is Orion and we're starting up a new site,
New sites are always exciting right?  Wrooong!!!  But at pittmusicianfinder, we have one goal:  to bring musicians together in the Pittsburgh area and help folks meet some great friends.
Free.  No signing up.  No commitments.  No errors.  No ads.
The problem is, at the moment, we dont have a ton of exposure.  I wanted to do this because I used the current Pitt-musician meeting tool  I, like many others have met some GREAT friends on there.. but it's too cumbersome to use with all the errors, popups and distracting ads that frequent the front end.  To prove this point even further take a look at the site--it's down as you read this!
Was that my only motivation?  Of course not.  I want to be part of the success story of some band down the road that will use our service to find the perfect group for them.  Let's face it:  I'm good with computers, good with websites, and have a cost of upkeep that is so small on that it was a hard idea to pass up.  A week ago the idea for the site didn't exist!
So to wrap things up, we're looking for exposure.  We are totally not-for-profit and have very little bargaining power at this point otherwise we would be all for placing an ad on your site.  If you think you could put a link to us on your site we would be forever indebted... and would of course place a return link on our site.
Hope to hear from you soon--thanks for the great online resource and your time in reading this!