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Hi Friends and Lovers of Community,

Hope your V.D. weekend finds you with love in all the right measures.

A snow storm blew predicted for Pittsburgh didn't arrive. The heat is
going to rise this week as a public action slated for Thursday night is going
to turn up the heat on public officials.

Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network's first 'Public Action' is 7 pm
on Thursday, Feb 20, 2003 at Wesley Center A.M.E.-Zion Church at
2701 Centre Ave. Please lend your power to this less-than-perfect
organization and its Youth & Recreation Task Force.

We're striving for modest computer labs and internet connections within
some Citiparks Recreation Centers. The rooms, security, carpets, plugs,
lights, desks and chairs have been there for a couple years. Splendid spaces
are sitting empty and idle -- used as oversized coat rooms.

The Mayor of Pittsburgh wants $100,000 for three "Ultimate Frisbee"
fields in Highland Park. Let's establish better priorities. Help show the
world that Pittsburgh has its heart in the right place. We care about our
youth and not just fleeing CMU Grads and attracting young professionals from

Access to technology and existing facilities be extended in Rec
Centers. Computer placements would provide a purpose in the mingling of youth,
the business community and even seniors.

Pittsburgh can install computer labs so as to inspire and grow our own
high-tech workers. Computers at Rec Centers is a worthy investment as
opposed to job training at prisons and computers in police patrol cars.

I hope to see you Thursday night. Help raise the volume in a chant, "We
want technology!"


Mark Rauterkus

PS #1: No admission charge. No need to RSVP. A V.I.P. table for
check-in is
going to be at the door.

PS #2: "Those who succeed in public life are those who take the risk of
standing by their convictions."