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Ladies & Gents, Broads & Man Whores,

Real Food magazine is officially starting to take submissions for our
latest opus- The power of the third (issue.) Spread the word (and your legs)
far and wide, cuz it's time for a good reamin'. Just a joke kiddies, but
stick it up yer ass anyway. Keep your ears to the ground for more info. cuz
this time, we're commin' through like a mother-fuckin' earthquake, biatch.

Ok, so by now you know the drill. Send us your poetry, prose, art,
cartoons, music, unusual ideas, conspiracy theories, new sexual positions, and
anything else that comes from that little artistic gnome inside of you.
Our mission statement: We attempt to publish everything we receive to
maintain artistic integrity, and set it loose on the public, FREE OFCHARGE.

Please pass this along to anyone that is crazy enough to read something
that YOU forwarded to them. We love you all, and yes, we still love our

Rich $ Nick

Contact us nownownownowno......
Richie Real or Nick Food at 412.488.0990 or
163 Merrimac St. Apt. #2
Pittsburgh Pa, 15211

R to the eal F to the ood
Real Food The Power of the Third (Issue)  is taking submissions now!!!!
it in to get it out...

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