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Project 1877 July Free School Calendar

So you remember that little sign up sheet for skillshares well here is 
the result of it:
The calendar of people willing to share their skills with you for free (except when there's a materials fee) All Classes are at Project 1877
located at 4805 Penn Ave (412) 363-1877 Bus-86B If you want to teach
a class e-mail and for updates check Saturday 5, 12, 19th and 26th 3:30 PM Introductory French class 4 part series at 3:30 PM. Pre-register at Sundays 6th, 13th, 20th (2-4 PM) and 27th (6-8:30 PM) Pittsburgh Association of Proactive Peacemaking Youth (PAPPY) workshop on globalization, activism and more Mondays 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th and Wednesdays 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th 5-7PM Intro to Spanish classes. This is a continuing series not a one-time drop in class. Tuesday July 8th 5PM How to use the machine of sewing. A basic intro. Bring yrs if you have one. Wednesday July 9th 5PM Intro to Pattern Making: How to make clothes that don?t look like potato sacks. Thursday July 10th, 4PM Intro to Knitting Friday 11th, and Friday 18th Figure Drawing: Bring your own art supplies and if you are lucky you might even get to model. Tuesday 18th 5PM Make yr own undies: bring old t-shirts Thursday 17th 5Pm Women?s Health Workshop- Herbal Health talk and lessons on how to make yr own blood rags. Bring soft absorbent fabric if you want to rag it up. Saturday 19th 1:30 PM Herbal Tincture Making: Learn how to make medicinal tinctures from herbs. $3-6 materials fee depending on how many people show up. Tuesday 22nd 8PM Book Binding- Make needles paper and glue hang out and form books. Wednesday 23rd 7PM Intro to Silk Screening Thursday 24th 7PM Worms eat my compost! Want to compost yr veggies but have no room for an outdoor compost pile? Come build a worm composter that you can keep in your kitchen! A small donation to cover the cost of materials would be appreciated. Tuesday 29th 5PM Trash to Treasure: Making stuff out of garbage like ironing plastic and crocheting plastic bags and bottle cap jewelry. Bring plastic bags, bottle caps and other rubbish. Tuesday 31st 5Pm Intro to American Sign Language If people are interested this class may continue in August. There are also circus against western imperialism practices at the Roup Triangle off of Baum Blvd on Roup Ave on Saturdays at 1PM Hay noche de espanol para practicar conversacion cada Viernes a las 5:30PM en la Tormenta Tranquila (the Quiet Storm 5430 Penn Ave.) La ultima Viernes de cada mes no ha noche de espanol porque es la dia de Critical Mass.