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Shadow Lounge An Urban Coffee & Tea Performance Lounge and Gallery

5972 Baum Blvd. @ Highland Ave.  East Liberty | Pittsburgh  412.363.8277

All Ages.   A Smoke-Free/BYOB Venue *$2 cork fee per person


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Shadow Lounge, Urban Kontent Brand™, and PPAF are divisions of 7th Movement Development™, Inc., an entertainment & retail development firm.  All Rights Reserved.


You can now buy 7th Movement™ Merchandise. I only have a few things on there right now.  But try it out.  * New * UK Brand Classic Thongs


Check Gene Stovall’s Electronic Press Kit you can download some songs if you haven’t heard him yet.  You can also purchase the CD on




RECAP:            What a week!  Myself and a few of the artists & musicians of the SL did a mini-Road Rules.    Thanks again to Finless Brown for hosting us in Cleveland last Sunday at Felt.   Gene Stovall and  I hit Mangos in DC Tuesday and then rocked the Big Easy in Bethany Beach, Delaware, on Thursday.  Let me tell yinz guys, it’s so refreshing getting out of town for a few.   I definitely came back energized with new ideas.  It’s amazing what We take for granted here in Pittsburgh.  Especially our pool of talent.  Don’t make the same mistake Philly did with the Roots, and show the home team some love Now (in the form of tangible US currency)!  I also realized that if you’re not living in a “Major” Big City you hear a lot of the same complaints.  Actually on few occasions when talking to people, and I told them we were from Pittsburgh, their response was, “Your from Pittsburgh?  Why did you come here?”…..” I have friends that live in Pittsburgh, it’s so much fun.”  To tell you the truth it caught me off guard.  But upon our return to the former city of steel, we found ourselves surrounded by activities or as I like to refer to them now as “Shit To Do” (the STD you don’t mind having).  The South Side Festival, the E-Fest, Barrett Blacks joint at the Kelly-Strayhorn, KRS-1, and all the regular happenings.  Talk about OVERLOAD.  Keep up the good work Pittsburgh.


NEXT EVENT:  UK Brand:  W. Ellington Felton (with a full band) | Thursday, July 24, 2003:  9pm Show Time | Club Café | $15 Cover (for all night) | SL Showcase featuring Davu + Gene Stovall + the HutchSimon Project + More beginning at 11pm

| 21 & Over | Dress:  Urban Chic | Cover:  $3 (for the showcase only) | more info


Note:  The Mothers Favorite Child Show has been postponed.  Future date TBA

Price Changes:  In an effort to continue the support of Live Music/Performance in the City, the 7th Movement Development is taking the initiative to help change the consumer’s value of such entertainment.  Every week we get offers to bring to town some well-established artists to the city.  Believe it or not.  Touring artists REALLY want to play in Pittsburgh!  The city is getting back on the map as a stop.  In order to bring these acts to town, an exchange in monies is required.  Now I know we all love the $5 bill (who doesn’t like Ab?), but the year is 2003 and times have changed… along with inflation.  Have you ever noticed how the price of a Movie isn’t a nickel anymore?  Imagine the same crazy concept in the world of Live Entertainment.  Therefore, to keep up with rising cost of providing High Quality Entertainment, the company will be setting new door cover prices for weekly local and touring national shows.   The $3-All-You-Can-Drink-From-A-Keg-In-The-Bathroom-South-Oakland-House-Party-Days are over.  All we ask the consumer to do is think about want they spend their money on; and where they spend it.  “The Matrix:  Reloaded” will be playing next week; a Live Performance will only happen once.  The City needs to understand the value of respecting artists.  We’re not looking for any public-tax dollars, or free rent on the expense of the public school system.  All we need is You, as the consumer to “Live. Live™”; whether it’s the Shadow Lounge, The Quiet Storm, or Rosebud.  What you will soon notice is a vibrant city filled with talent, an inflow of young professionals and crazy artists moving to the City (not Suburbs), Small & Large businesses setting up shop (drawn by the Quality of Life for their Employees), and more artists making your day just a little bit more easier to deal with, because now they can afford Live.  O r you, as consumers, can continue to under value live artists/performers, until they can’t afford to be an artist anymore ‘cause they have work 40+ hours a week (or they just move to a city where they can survive), you can get bored here (cause there’s nothing to do), move to the same city that the artists fled to, and pay twice as much to see them perform…Live.  Increases will be effective in August of 2003

Thank You.


UK Brand Events:

SOUL:  New Monday Night Dance & Chill Spot.  8p-12a.  SMI Resident DJ w/ weekly Guests.  Spinning Afro-Brazilian Beat, Deep& Jazzy House, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Soul.  21 & Over.  Dress: Urban Chic. Smoke-Free Venue.  2-Floors.  Kitchen open ‘til 10pm.  No Cover.  It’s all going down @ the Mezzanotte Café (Liberty Ave | Bloomfield)


July 24th. UKB & PPAF:  W. Ellington Felton (w/ full band).  Live @ Club Café (12th St., South Side).  Plus the SL Showcase @ 11pm-2am


August 2nd.   UKB & Natural Choice present Flirt.  10p-2:30a @ Jimmy Tsang’s (Centre & Negley).  Dance-Shake-Your-Ass-Party.  21 & Over.  $8 b4 11:30p.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  That’s right the 1st Saturday of Every Monf…Month, Flirt is going down.


August 6th-8th          The Shadow Lounge will be closed!  Everyone is going to Chicago for the


National Poetry Slam Competition.  More info:


August 28th.  Qulab Urks & UK Brand.  Live Album Recording:  Hutch Simon Project

Justin Strong 
President & Founder 
The Seventh Movement/Shadow Lounge

5972 Baum Blvd. at S. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206