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June 11, 2003

1. Mark Eitzel and The Hidden Cameras (Fri)
2. Gist Street Reading Series (Fri)
3. Quantum Theatre: The Arabian Night (begins Fri)
4. A Smiling Hunger: Transforming Cultures (opens Fri)
5. Union Project Clean-Up Day (Sat)
6. Poetry in Motion Launch II (Sat)
7. Old Weird Americana Night - Reloaded (Sat)
8. Damo Suzuki Network (Sun after Sonic Youth)
9. Unseam'd Shakespeare: Bacchanal (Mon)
10. SPC 2030 Long Range Plan Public Participation Panels (downtown
and June 12-25)
11. Trail Mixer [Friends of the Riverfront benefit] (RSVP by June 16)


@ the warhol: Mark Eitzel and The Hidden Cameras
Good Fridays
June 13, 7 p.m.
Tickets $10

As both a solo artist and the frontman for enduring cult favorites,
Music Club, Mark Eitzel has established himself as a successful and
critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. Combining the energy of punk,
pastoral beauty of folk and the melodrama of lounge music, he has built
of the most darkly poetic bodies of songs in the modern pop canon.

The Toronto-based band, The Hidden Cameras will open the show. This
"gay-folk-church-music" ensemble has become an official Toronto cult
performances that are part art, part group aerobics, part singalong and
slam dancing.

The Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky St.--North Shore
One of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

BUS: 16B/F, 500


2. ------------------------------------------------

Gist Street Reading Series
Meg Kearney (poetry) and Cathy McKinely (non-fiction)
Friday, June 13, 2003 - 8:00 pm
James Simon's Sculpture Studio
305 Gist Street - Uptown - Pittsburgh
$2 suggested donation

It's time to officially begin the summer season of Gist Street.  And to
that off we have two kick-ass writers in from New York City:  Meg
(poetry).  Her book, _The Unkindnessses of Ravens_ is her first and was
published by Boa editions. Cathy McKinley (non-fiction).  _The Book of
Sarahs: a Family in Parts_  was published in 2002.  It will be a
reading.  Fantastic.   You are lucky.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.  Are you
enough to win the raffle?  Well, we'll see.

This lucky reading is on June 13th.  Yes, Friday the 13th.  Come.  We
have a fine ol' time.  Should we have a fruit theme?  Perhaps we
should. I'm
going to make a fruit tart.  You can bring anything you want to. 
beer, wine, lemonade.

There will be, as always, homemade bread by Antoine.  Maybe some
ice cream, depending on how Antoine's feeling about it all.

Bring some wine.  Bring some beer.  Bring some fruit.  Bring some cash
the bucket and some cash to buy books.  Bring a friend.  Bring a
The readings begin at 8:00 p.m..

That's 305 Gist Street.  James Simon's sculpture studio.  Uptown.
Pittsburgh.  3rd floor.  If you'd like to read more about our readers,
directions, see photos, or read some gossip, please visit our website:
<>.  $2 suggested donation at the door gives you a
shot at
the raffle prizes. Fun.  Yes.

412-434-5629 if you're lost.

Hope to see you there!

--Sherrie Flick

BUS: 61A/B/C, 71A/C/D, 500


3. ------------------------------------------------

Quantum Theatre

The Arabian Night
June 13 - 29, 2003 8:00 pm (no shows June 16, 17, 23)
Press & Official OPENING NIGHT June 18

Spring Way Center, 2515 Liberty Avenue, Strip District
Tickets: $20, limited number of $15 student tickets. Please call
ProArts at

Quantum presents the AMERICAN PREMIERE of this poetic new play by
playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated and directed by Melanie

Young German and Arab immigrants live side by side in huge, modern
complexes in gritty cities like Berlin. their lives seem
but at core, these people are different. or are they?  The play
examines the
fantasies we spin about those 'exotically' different from ourselves.

It's images are elemental - desert winds and raging waters are lurking,
if there's a menacing dream just behind pedestrian reality.  Are the
characters whom they seem to be, or are they embodiments of ancestors
gone, scores unsettled?

Their attraction for each other is wistful, touching, but with an edge

Quantum has an especially amazing location for the work - the slickly
renovated urban atrium of Spring Way Center.  36 feet high, the
audience is
raised into space for vertical action above and below, and the play
in a feat of choreography as well as poetry. Melanie Dreyer directs her
translation.  A professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Melanie
her extensive knowledge of contemporary German theatre to Quantum.  The
stars Ken Bolden, Camille Faria, Sally Randa, Raj Bose, and Ethan Hova.
Scenic design is by Julie Ray, Lighting design is by Bryan Miller,
design by Dave Bjornson of AAM Studios, Costume design by Venise St.

Special events:
Post-show talkback with artists, free to ticket holders, Sunday June
Pre-show reception at Cultural Partner Society for Contemporary Craft,
19, 5:30-7:30 pm,
June 19, 2100 Smallman Street, free to ticket holders.

BUS: 86A/B, 91A, 54C, UVLoop (Fri/Sat)


4. ------------------------------------------------

 What: A Smiling Hunger: Transforming Cultures
When: Exhibition runs Friday, June 6 - Sunday, June 22; Opening
Friday, June 13, 5:30-7:30 pm (Included in the Three Rivers Arts
Walk-about Reception)
Where: Future Tenant, 801 Liberty Ave., Downtown

The first summer exhibition at Future Tenant, A Smiling Hunger features
works by Hill District artist Jorge Myers and the collaborative groups
Kitchen Renovation Dinner Theater and Paper Rad. Curated by Takahiro
Noguchi, a recent graduate of the CMU School of Art MFA program, the
exhibition presents single and collective acts of transformation from
and nationally known artists. These artists radically recover and alter
their physical and cultural environments as a means of survival. Coming
different walks of life (a middle-aged writer and her teenage son, art
professionals and computer nerds, a onetime auto-shop owner and present
activist) they not only create art, but also contribute their work to a
larger vital community, spanning from the Hill District to electronic
punk subcultures.

Local artist Donna DiBartolomeo has filled the walls of the room at the
of the Future Tenant Space with her scrawled and graffiti-ed drawings.
drawings emerge from the artist's contemplation and reflection on her
experiences, present circumstance, and projections and hopes for the
Complexion is a journal without pages, a presentation of a manuscript
diary on the walls.

Gallery admission is free.
For more information, contact <>

BUS: All Downtown


5. ------------------------------------------------

Union Project Hosts Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

The Union Project is hosting a Vandalism Clean-Up Day on Saturday June
from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the former Union Baptist Church (Stanton &
Avenues, Highland Park). A press-conference will be held at 1:00 on the
front lawn.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, vandals broke into the Union Project,
shattering 26 interior windows, splintering original 100-year-old
handcrafted woodwork, ripping up floorboards, and trashing furniture
clothes donated for the community-wide Highland Park Yard Sale. There
also some 15 attempts to set fire and five small homemade bombs meant
spray shrapnel and flames. The Union Project is restoring the former
as part of its mission to create community by connecting neighbors and
celebrating art and faith in common space.

The June 14 clean-up day follows a strong precedent - in less than two
years, this grass-roots project has garnered the support of 400 people
their 6,000 hours of work removing trash from the building, planning
for the
restoration, raising funds, organizing the board of directors and more.
"This project would not be possible without the participation of our
neighbors," says Executive Director Jessica King. "It takes a whole
community to pull off something this big."

Projects for the Saturday work day include cleaning up vandalism
securing the doors with new and improved locks, painting and
refinishing the
exterior doors, installing upgraded exterior lighting and continuing
ongoing landscaping and beautification efforts. "Our goal for the
day is to show that an active, healthy community cannot be sabotaged by
violence and destruction," says Board Chair Brad Siemens.

In addition to the physical repairs, a Union Project Vandalism Fund has
established for those who wish to contribute financially to project,
specifically for the costs associated with the clean-up effort. The
Board of
Directors has set a goal to raise $20,000 in response to the crimes.
Organizers expect a strong community turn-out and note that food and
will be provided for volunteers.

To volunteer, call 412.478.3105 or email
<>. For more information regarding the
call the Union Project at 412.363.4550 or email
<> or visit

Justin Rothshank
Associate Director
The Union Project
801 North Negley Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206 <>
Restoring neighborhood space to connect, create, and celebrate.

BUS: 64A, 71A, 77D/F/G, 94A/B, 89A


6. ------------------------------------------------

The UV Loop, The Three Rivers Arts Festival, BridgeSpotters Collective,

present Poetry in Motion Launch II
featuring the BridgeSpotters Collective:
Live Art and Live Word

Saturday June 14, 2003
937 Liberty Avenue
7:30 to 9pm

Chassity "the lioness", Bomani "the h-illa", and Tarish "the
will perform spoken word and live art with themes of poetry and motion!
exhibition now at 937 Liberty Avenue in conjunction with the Three
Arts Festival, live art paintings by Tarish "the phenomenon", Alphonso
Sloan", and Larry "Uhnk" Tinsley created at the Midnight Espresso
[MES], The Gallery, and Celebrating East Liberty.  And featuring
guest, Vanessa German, sculptures and African masks.

PLUS the Public Transit Video Project
We'll be taping Live and in color in the space Saturday night,
testimonials of support for more funding for public transit, plus rants
against funding cuts, and real stories of how public transportation
the lives, jobs and business of Pittsburgh. Get out, get with the
and say your piece.

BUS: All Downtown


7. ------------------------------------------------


So spectacular the last time we did it, we just HAD to do it all again,
bigger and better! On Saturday night, June 14, QUIET STORM hosts "OLD
AMERICANA NIGHT II", a left of center evening of acoustic country,
story-telling and the vaudeville-esque as it was meant to be in the
before Pete Seger gave your love a cherry, mighty winds, or
ethno-musicologists. Six acts under one roof!  Featuring:

LONESOME BOB is one of the strongest singer/songwriters to come out of
Nashville's "alt-country" scene and a former member of the Ben Vaughn
Capable of laying his soul bare as well as dealing in rocking black
Bob will be delivering a rare acoustic set backed by his band featuring
Snyder, Jon Manning and Tom Moran.  Bob's classic debut CD, "Things
Apart" is slated for re-release this summer.

THE DELIBERATE STRANGERS return to the scene of the crime.

CURTIS ELLER, the self-described "angriest banjo player in New York",
is an
American treasure. Raised in a circus, Curtis is a man to whom Buster
represents the apex of Western Civilization. If songs about circus
disasters, pigeon clubs, and snakebites are your thing, he's your man.

CHUCK KINDER is an internationally famous author. He's also one hell of
entertainer in his own right, capable of leaving an audience spellbound
his readings. Chuck has recently finished his latest novel, "Last

BJ O'MALLEY is a true high lonesome chanteuse, if you've never heard
think of a genetic combination of Loretta Lynn and Marianne Faithful,
you'll be damn close. Hailing from Youngstown, OH, BJ will be backed by
mother, Ginnie Davis, on the accordion and harmony vocals.

CHUCK OWSTON wears a lot of different hats. Rockabilly Hall of Fame
minister, author, playwright, actor, medieval minstrel, and bluesman.
In the
times we live in, Chuck is as close to a real life Skip James as you're
going to get.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Show time is 8PM. Quiet
Storm is located at 5430 Penn Ave. in Garfield. (412-661-9355). Don't
forget - you can BYOB! $6.00 cover. All ages.

For more info on any of the artists, photos, bios, etc., contact:
Tom Moran  412-421-5240  or

Pertinent links for more performer info, photos, downloads, etc.
<>  - Curtis Eller
<> - The Deliberate Strangers
<> - BJ O'Malley
<>  - Chuck Owston
<> - Chuck Kinder
<> - Quiet Storm

BUS: 86B, UVLoop


8. ------------------------------------------------

Announcing the ostensible, unofficial Sonic Youth afterparty show:

Sunday June 15
10 pm  $10 at door  over 21
at Rosebud, 1600 Smallman St in the Strip District

(featuring the frontman of legendary German rockers Can. Yes, that's
the guy
that garage phenoms Mooney Suzuki named their band after. The Network
includes members of Chicago bands Defender and Isotope 217)

with The Timeout Drawer
(Stereolab-esque postrock pop from Chicago, on Tiger Style Records)
The Eaves
(Slowdive/Lush-styled shimmer pop from NYC, on Ace Fu Records)
and local Krautrock supergroup PPDB
(includes Rickety Rocker/City Paper cover star Mike Bonello, Jefferson
Presents' Gordon Nelson, Orgone Cinema's Greg Pierce, Midnite Snake/The
Justins' Alexei Plotnicov, Boombox/Midnite Snake's Jim Lingo, and Thad

Starting promptly at 10 pm to give you a half hour to get from the
Youth show at the Point, which ends at 9:30. Drive it, bike it, walk
it, but
regardless, if you're hip, you will be there.

BUS: 86A/B, 91A, 54C


9. ------------------------------------------------

Bacchanal-a wine dinner and celebration to raise funds for Unseam'd
Shakespeare's 10th Anniversary. Featuring performances by Smoke Daddy
the Bigboned Girls, Soma Mestizo and Phat Man Dee

What: Bacchanal-A Celebration of Unseam'd Shakespeare Co.'s 10th
Where: Casbah, 229 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh 15206 (Shadyside)
When: Feast 6:30-9:30 Revel 9:30- 12:??
Tickets: $100 (Feast and Revel)
$25 (Revel only)

Reservations: For Feast and Revel call Casbah, 412-661-5656 (No
required for Revel only)

Unseam'd Shakespeare Stages Bacchanal to celebrate 10th Anniversary
Pittsburgh (June 16, 2003)-Unseam'd Shakespeare Co. will host
"Bacchanal" at
Casbah on Monday, June 16, 2003 as a fundraiser for the company's 10th
Anniversary Season. Bacchanal features a four course dinner paired with
wines followed by "entertainments to delight the senses," featuring
performances by local visual and dance artists, jazz virtuoso Phat Man
and musical groups Smoke Daddy and the Bigboned Girls and Soma Mestizo.
one event comprises two fundraisers for Unseam'd Shakespeare Co. The
the feast, begins at 6:30 and continues until 9:30. The second, the
begins at 9:30 and ends shortly after midnight.

BUS: 500, 71C


10. ------------------------------------------------

Dear Friend of the Region;

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) is beginning the
required public comment period about their broad objectives and
priority transportation and economic development projects through 2030.
the short text below asserts, this is one of the most important ways in
which our region's future is shaped. The report will determine whether
strengthen all of our existing cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural
communities or, instead, continue the trend of sprawl marked by ever
increasing consumption of land despite a declining population. This
unsustainable trend weakens our region's competitiveness, offsets
gains with losses to other areas, degrades our environment, further
exacerbates segregation, increases taxes for all of us, and makes the
less attractive to visitors, newcomers and residents alike.

Lacking a regional approach to land use planning, the region's
in roads, sewers, and other infrastructure is, in effect, the regional
since development, transit, and population chase these major public
investments around the region. I hope you can participate in being
heard at
one of SPC's public input meetings on the Long Range Plan to voice your

Pasted below are the public input schedule and some background for

Ken Doyno, AIA

Written comments will be accepted until June 30, 2003. They can be
to or faxed to Prue Larson at 412-391-9160. Comments
be mailed to Prue Larson at Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, 425
Avenue, Suite 2500 Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1852. Oral testimony is limited
two minutes. Times, dates, and locations are listed below. You can view
plan at

 "SPC Public Participation Panels for input on the 2030 Long Range

June 11th @ 5:00 p.m., Allegheny County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Large Conference Room, 1st floor, John P.
Civic Bldg, 200 Ross St., Pittsburgh

June 12th @ 7:00 p.m., Butler County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Public Meeting Room, Butler County Government
Center, West Diamond St., Butler

June 16th @ 6:00 p.m., Washington County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Room 103, Courthouse Square, 100 West Beau

June 16th @ 7:00 p.m., Armstrong County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Commissioners' Conference Room, 2nd floor,
Armstrong County Courthouse Complex, Market St., Kittanning

June 17th @ 6:00 p.m., Westmoreland County Public Participation Panel
draft Long-Range Plan update - Commissioners' Meeting Room,
County Courthouse, Greensburg

June 18th @ 7:00 p.m., Indiana County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Large Group Instruction Room, Indiana Area
High School, 450 North 5th St., Indiana

June 24th @ 7:00 p.m., Beaver County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update -- Beaver County Environmental Center, Lower
Meeting Room, 1000 Third St., Beaver

June 25th @ 4:30 p.m., Fayette County Public Participation Panel on
Long-Range Plan update - Swimmer Auditorium, Williams Building, Penn
Fayette, Route 119 between Connellsville and Uniontown

For further perspective on this issue you can read these articles and
review of the SPC plan on under "Public


11. ------------------------------------------------

Trail Mixer

A Confluence of Art, Music and Energy
Friday June 20, 6-­9p.m.
To benefit Friends of the Riverfront

Mix it up at a riversı edge celebration with food, drink and music in
cool spaces of the Pittsburgh Terminal Buildings on Carson Street
Highlighting the best-kept riverfront secrets in the City, this yearıs
Mixer celebrates the South Side, its riverfront trail and amenities.

The evening will feature:
+ The jumping New Orleans style of the Boilermaker Jazz Band with
Jenny Luv
+ Mayflies by Persephone Project artist Stephanie Flom
+ And architectural renderings of what the South Side riverfront could
be by
landscape architect Dina Klavon

$50 for the eveningıs celebration
$35 for members of Friends of the Riverfront or if you hike, bike, boat
bus to the party

For more information, please call 412-488-0212 or email

Checks payable to: Friends of the Riverfront
Mailed to: 33 Terminal Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Please R.S.V.P. by June 16

Friends of the Riverfront is an organization dedicated to the
of Pittsburghıs riverfront and the continued expansion of the Three
Heritage Trail

The Trail Mixer is sponsored by Highmark

BUS: 51A/C, UVLoop


The Ground Zero Happenings list periodically sends announcements about
interesting things going on in Pittsburgh, in general focused on the
arts and urban issues. Its mission is to get the word out about events
which might get overlooked, and to prevent things like "Oh man, if only
I'd known that was going on, I'd have been there" from being said.

If you'd like guidelines for submitting an event to the Happenings
list, send mail to

Send all your friends to our home page at where
they can use
a one-click form to subscribe to this list.