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a last reminder, this show is coming up monday.

should be a good time!  check out the megamix
at the bottom for a preview.
- geoff/cutups
monday november 3rd
wrecked presents
// m3rck records, nyc
// LIVE melodic abstract beats and atmospheric hiphop
// alphabasic, chicago
// LIVE sweet melody and boombastic beats
with locals
LUKE & LUKE  // technoir audio / LIVE electro-techno-downtempo-abstractions
RATANA  // technoir audio / atmospheric drum and bass
at the Shadow Lounge 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh
$6 Door.  All Ages. 8PM.
Machine Drum makes glitchy hiphop styles to shake
asses and nod heads.  Heavy on atmosphere, he crossbreads
the abstract flavor of autechre with more straight-up
hiphop beats.  He's got two full length albums out
on Merck records, including the most recent
"Urban Biology".  He's on tour across the US
currently, along with Chicago's Flashbulb.  Flashbulb
produces a variety of melodic electronic sounds
that will appeal to fans of Aphex Twin or Squarepusher.
Also performing will be locals Luke & Luke and
DJ Ratana.
Sample Audio
a machinedrum megamix for download.
a selection of tracks tracks taken from
"Now You Know" 2LP Merck
"Half the Battle" Pt 1 and 2 12"'s
"Urban Biology" 2LP Merck
WRECKED diy electronic music & media