community + cultural info

Im sending this email to introduce myself to artist/band management 
in the Pittsburgh area.

I am a singer/songwriter now living in Pittsburgh, originally from New 
York.  I have a large catalog of songs of different genres (rock, pop, 
country, dance) - too many for one person to promote - so Im making 
them available to artists and bands who need songs. 

Just so you know, Im not interested in selling my songs outright.  If 
the artist/band is interested, and I think they are talented, hard-
working and focused, Id be interested in working out a deal where the 
band obtains use of the song for recording and performing for a period 
of time; if they get signed, then we would discuss a publishing deal 
(i.e. finances) at that point.

If you manage any acts that needs material, Id be very appreciative 
if youd refer them to me.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to 
let you know that I am a vocal coach specializing in rock and pop. I 
also coach vocals in the studio.

Please feel free to visit my web site where you can listen to two of 
my songs.