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Yo everyone, How about this last minute plug for this Hard Rock Cafe show tonight in Station Square! Nice huh? Tonight 9pm - 2am, $7 Also with us will be Three Apples High and DJs Hank D., Nuke Knocka, and BIGJOHNSTUD. Hard Rock Cafe Bessemer Court 230 W.Station Square Pittsburgh, Pa 15219 4124817625 Coming Soon: Several new shirts featuring Inception artwork and new artwork from nonother than Brian Holderman! PLUS a soon to be announced special in-studio recording session here in Pgh with a live audience! Shadow Lounge October 16th 10pm CLUB CAFE October 25th 10pm FLUX October 31st 9pm And later that night at ZYTHOS/Memphis Lounge 12pm. Thanks everyone...see ya soon! Peace