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Greetings once again from the people at INNERVENUS ART & MUSEK.


Just a few brief things that we wanted to keep you posted on:  

Weıre happy to say that the INNERVENUS COMPILATION that weıve been working on throughout the summer is near completion and will be sent off to press by the end of the month.  Itıs release is scheduled for the end of October or early November.  Weıll know more soon and keep you posted.  

Bands confirmed to be on the compilation are:
Reducer, Casting Method, Ceoxime, Motorpsychos, Bottomfeeder, Q, Trak Addikt, Hypoid, Killing the Messenger, Ogden, A New January, Despite Best Intentions, Flood Damage, The Bully Cats, Bunny Five Coat and Black Moth Super Rainbow.

REDUCER went into the studio recently to record a new song ³Back Bone² for their spot on the compilation.  Itıs everything youıd expect from a band like REDUCER - loud and fast with plenty of f**k you on the front line!   Their raw blend of high energy punk/metal proves to be devastating yet again.  Possibly the best sound theyıve ever gotten on tape - This sucker is HUGE!

On an unfortunate note, BOTTOMFEEDER seems to be in an awkward position right now.  They recently finished a 2 year recording process only to have half of itıs band quit during the planning stages of their tour (Thanks guys).  The remaining members of the band are continuing to move forward by putting together a new line up of musicians in order to support the release of their first full-length album titled ³In the Name of Love & Science², which has now been set back to December due to the circumstances.  Thereıs also been talk of the album being followed up by a EP/LP of unreleased tracks, B-sides and remixes from the same recording sessions, just donıt expect any live dates until after the new year.

Finally, INNERVENUS ART & MUSEK has been working on a new website.  So if youıve been to recently and wondered why it never seems to change, that could be the answer.  You can expect a new page around the end of the year, along with many other changes and additions that weıve got planned for 2004.

Thatıs it for now.  Until next time...



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