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Who:              Steel Valley Arts Council 


What:             Call for Artists -- Homestead Sidewalk Art Carts                         Project


Where:          East  Eighth Avenue, Homestead 


When:            Fridays/Saturdays, September/October,

                        Noon to 4 p.m.


Cost:              $40 each day


Description:    For this venue artists who create their own product are defined but not limited to the following categories:  photographer, painter, sculptor, ceramist, candle maker, etc.


An artist may participate according to his/her wishes (one or more days).  The eight wooden carts are approximately 60x36 and have an awning, display well and lower shelf.   The carts will each be a bright color and will be placed along East Eighth Avenue at West, Amity, Ann and McClure Streets.  SVAC is asking artists to be available either Friday or Saturday or both through October.  The price of each cart shall be $40 in cash, payable immediately.  Upon completion of the day, $30 will be refunded.  Vendor may decorate cart.   Vending permits are the responsibility of SVAC.  Availability of a cart will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Assignment of location will be decided by SVAC.  Longer hours may be arranged if desired or an Art Cart(s) may be reserved for rental for other venues under a different arrangement, if available.


How:          Leona Esken, coordinator


Contact:   412 461 - 4904  


Thank you.
Leona Esken