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Volume 1 | Issue 9| September 16, 2003

A message from our new Chairman

The Arts Alliance may be a fairly young organization, but our goals are ambitious. Those of us in the Arts already know that Pittsburgh is not only a great sports town, but also a great Arts town. That fact comes as a surprise to many of our neighbors and friends who live and work in the greater Pittsburgh region. To many of them, Art is something "for their children" or "for the rich," or, in other words, "not for them." The Arts are deemed an "amenity." Derived from the Latin word for pleasant (amoenus), the Arts are connoted to be a comforting convenience, analogous to having an ice machine in one's refrigerator - not really necessary, but a nice added value.

The immodest goal of the Arts Alliance is to help everyone who lives here come to a greater understanding of why the arts are critical to our lives - to help people make the connection between a child's piece of art taped to the refrigerator and the Monet hanging in the Carnegie Museum of Art. Surrounded by art in our daily lives, from the color choices on the bus way to the meticulous design of the chair we sit in, we experience art as a necessary and crucial component of life. It is no wonder that in times of personal and/or national crisis, we turn to music - at funerals, at ground zero, it is music that allows the human soul to be reached, touched, and perhaps healed.

The Arts in Pittsburgh have been taken for granted by too many for too long. With the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance our collective voice does make a difference.
The Arts Bring Life to Life. Shout it out!

Mark Weinstein
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance


64% of business leaders rank cultural attractions as key strengths, second only to location.

In 2002 Issues PA poll - 60% of Pennsylvanians said historical and cultural attractions in PA were better than other states, another 43% said that the quality of life in the commonwealth was higher than other states.

Civic 101: City Services for Artists

In the City of Pittsburgh support for the arts comes not in the form of cash, but in services. On Monday, September 29, 2003 representatives from many City departments will be on hand to inform artists and nonprofit organizations about resources available to them. Topics include how to access parks, close streets and market events. Also in discussion is planning and development for artists and entrepreneurs, and information about zoning, loans, and redevelopment strategies.

From 6 to 8 pm City Chambers at 414 Grant Street will be the place to find out how the city can help you to create a successful event and revitalize a neighborhood. A networking reception follows. The event is free and open to the public, however reservations are necessary. Please call 412-394-3353 to RSVP. Civics 101 is a collaborative program sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance, ProArts, and City Councilman Bill Peduto.

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The Arts Alliance advocates for the arts in Western Pennsylvania. The Arts Alliance works to enhance our region using the arts as a catalyst for growth, change, and enrichment.