September 30, - October 14th, 2003



Landscapes, Seascapes and Other Paintings by Artist:



Opening Reception:  FIRST FRIDAY
Friday, October 3rd
6PM - 9PM
Free and Open to the Public


    Carol Volz Begley is an Impressionist Plain Air artist, whose passion for drawing and painting is vividly seen in her colorful canvas'.  Painting outside, with oils and pastels, enables her to capture the varied effects of colors in sunlight and shadows.  By using a full palette of rich colors, Begley captures the mood and subject of her paintings.  While, at the same time, inviting the viewers to look closer at the colors seen as compared to what is perceived.
      Painting on location and working in all kinds of weather creates peak experiences and gives a sensual depth to the paintings.  "Feeling the atmosphere and energy surrounding me are almost as important in the painting process as the actual subject itself," explains the artist.  Begley loves the magical illusion of sunlight and shadows under the changing weather conditions, and the juxtaposing of complimentary colors for greater brilliance in achieving the vibrant character of an Impressionistic landscape.


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October 10 - October 12th, 2003



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Choose from a large variety of Artist Prints and Small Original Works by:
Joshua Hogan - Cella Neapolitian - Lillian Grace Machi - George Risk - Jessica Stukus - Richard Pian - Michelle Harris - Doug Hughey -
Kit Paulsen -  Phil DeLucia - and many more!

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October 21st, - November 4th, 2003



Oil Paintings by Georgia Artist:



Opening Reception
Saturday, October 25th
6PM - 9PM
Free and Open to the Public


    Nielsen believes art belongs to the world, but she also believes that art is also a very special personal affair.  The passion to create can not be explained.  For some, it is like a drive to survive.
     In creating, we are taking our innermost thoughts, interactions with the world, and giving it life, symbolism, form, color, and style.  We are taking an abstract idea, of feeling, and turning it into a tangible symbol, capturing a dream or emotion, and displaying it for all to see.  Art is a personal view that changes with mind, mood, climate, or consciousness.
     Nielsen's goal is to create a body of work that will formulate questions, move a spirit, create a comfortable calm, or even bring an edgy disquiet.



November 11th -  November 25th, 2003

Made and Marked


Oil Paintings, Mixed Media Pieces and Drawings by New York Artists:



Opening Reception
Saturday, November 15th
6PM - 9PM
Free and Open to the Public


    Zucarelli is driven to an unsettling surface of structuring and mark-making.  She finds herself torn between the opposing forces of vastness and containment, chaos and order, isolation and inseparability, loss and recovery.  Throughout Zucarelli's paintings, there are conflicts and contradictions combined with overlapping trials of memory and associations, personal interactions and social observations.  When she is involved in the act of painting, Zucarelli translates onto the canvas a collection of spaces, which are characterised by their levels of movement and activity.  Line and gesture combine to delineate and compose the surface.  These lines and gestures may evoke activity upon the canvas, or they may create a sense of stillness.  They may separate spaces rigidly, or a more blurred distinction may define the transition.  The line or gesture may be bold, playful, delicate, or aggressive.  They may drip, scratch, sweep, push, pull, be accidental, or deliberate.  In addition to line and gesture, text has also become a significant part of her paintings.  This mark-making adds complexity and rhythm to the painting, as well as a type  of dialogue.  When Zucarelli is involved in creating, it is in a constant state of flux until fully resolved.
    Bitmead's time in the studio is a time of prayer, meditation, planning, and movement.  His goal is to reveal what is happening in my interior life by pushing the paint to a certain rhythm of the soul.  Bitmead uses his brushes, fingers, and any drawing tool available to do so.  Layer of paint covers layer of paint, sometimes shallow, and sometimes dense.  He is always reworking the surface, redefining the composition, day after day.  Some of Bitmead's sculptural pieces hang on the wall and project a few inches into the surrounding space, while others lean against the wall, or stand freely on the floor or pedestal.  There is a strong sense of the figure in most of his work as Michelangelo and Leonardo have been influences since his childhood.  Bitmead's work is about good and evil, life and death, Heaven and Hell.  It's the incarnation of these thoughts as he brings materials together in the studio and create new objects.




4521 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224



November 11th -  November 25th, 2003

Images From the Past and Present


Recent work by Carlow Graduate:

Rachael Koch


Opening Reception in Conjunction with Box Heart Opening "MADE AND MARKED"
Saturday, November 15th
6PM - 9PM
Free and Open to the Public


December 1st - December 31st, 2003

Recent Work


Recent work by Artist:

Adam Grossi


Opening Reception in conjunction with Box Heart Opening "Photography by Matt Dayak"
Saturday, December 6th
6PM - 9PM
Free and Open to the Public


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