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October 3 - November 1


GALLERIE CHIZ invites you to attend

an Opening Reception

October 3rd, 6-9pm


“Laura McLaughlin and friends”



Laura McLaughlin  nEw FUNk in clay


and other non-wishy-washy work by


Daniel Belardinelli . . .  Brian Fencl

Scott Griffin . . . Tavia LaFollette

Jay Marvin . . .  Kristina Robinson

Daniel Sadler . . . Mark Weber



Laura McLaughlin… The contemporary Funk movement, which has its foundation in  Surrealism and Dada, influences this Pittsburgh ceramist.  Her work relies on impulses, and the “constant bombardment of information from structures such as family, government, and religion as well as the media…”  McLaughlin’s imagery… strong, colorful, often anthropomorphic, is derived from the use of the subconscious, which helps her to make more evident her place in society.


Daniel Belardinelli… This New York self-taught, outsider artist, also an attorney, has

overcome many large childhood obstacles, and found that making art has always been

his best means of _expression.  His work was featured at CHIZ  in June and July with

his popular nail-polish paper paintings in addition to his larger pieces.  New work will

be featured in this exhibit.


Brian Fencl… Painter, illustrator, and instructor, living in West Virginia, Fencl’s quirky

outlook provides a fresh and recent addition to CHIZ.  It is thoughtful, tragic,

questioning, and often darkly humorous.  We are looking forward to seeing his most

recent pieces.


Scott Griffin… Also considered an outsider, this Canadian “paints” on metal with a

welding torch, producing a body of work with strong imagery.  His pieces tend to

evoke a mysterious quality.  We discovered him at The History Center during “Folk

Art Pittsburgh” last December, and he has garnered continued interest at CHIZ  since

then.  His work here has sold out!


Tavia LaFollette… Originally from New York City, this puppet master, presently

teaching at Earlham College in Indiana, works both two- and three-dimensionally.

She has also taught at Colby College and The University of Pittsburgh.  As a theater

instructor, actor, and performer, she contributes a unique dimension to this multi-

faceted exhibit, in her first showing at CHIZ.  LaFollette’s work has brought her all

over Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, and Japan. 


Jay Marvin… This Chicago self-taught artist will be showing for the first time at

CHIZ.  His work includes painting and mixed media on paper.  Marvin is a writer and

talk show host on WLS radio in Chicago.  He believes that “Art should be used as a

weapon to smash the boredom of everyday life!”


Kristina Robinson… Robinson hails from New York, and CHIZ  has been watching

her style develop over the last few years.  Her current work has taken on a more than

previously seen sophistication, and her use of space and meaning has matured.  Do

come and check out her costume-clad figures in collage.  You’ll find them delightful!


Daniel Sadler… Inspired by mobile homes, pink flamingos, and bowling alleys, this

newly-relocated (from California) Pittsburgh artist will be showing more of his

illuminated sculptures.  Sadler’s strange “lamps” often employ photographic transfers

whether free-standing or suspended.  Others are painted. Collectors include notables

such as Dustin Hoffman, Paul Reiser, Drew Carey, Patricia Arquette, Rodney

Dangerfield, Rhea Pearlman, Angelica Huston, Nicholas Cage, etc. etc. etc.


Mark Weber… Weber’s paintings, as you might recall from previous exhibits at CHIZ

are whimsical and curious.  He calls himself a “moody” artist.  He “enjoys a good

laugh, but also feels compelled to create a body of work that is rich in texture and

atmosphere”.   He lives and works in New Jersey and has produced work for many

publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and

The Atlantic Monthly.  His work can be found in collections both private and corporate throughout North America.




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