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"Free Speech Denied"; an art installation that pays tribute to the
diverse Americans who have been denied free speech while standing up
democratic ideals in the course of our nation's history.

As we enter a new and frightening chapter in American life, where
constitutional freedoms are under severe attack by the current
administration, it is important that we understand that this is not the
first time that we as a people have been forced to fight for our first
amendment rights.

The exhibit is created by Mon Valley Media, a local group of design
professionals who sponsor, generate and promote art and documentary
in W. PA, with an emphasis on issues concerning cultural, social and
economic change.  "Free Speech Denied", presented in conjunction with
other exhibit interpretations of the current state of civil liberties
the US, will coincide with the 3 Oct 03 PA Labor History Society annual
conference in Homestead, PA ...the theme this year being freedom of

"Free Speech Denied"; an exhibit at the SkinnyBuilding
Sat 13 Sep thru Sat 11 Oct 03
Corner Forbes & Wood, Downtown
For more info, contact; 412-606-5621 or visit;