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Your Negro Tour Guide...What's Matter with Self?

BY KATHY Y. WILSON Cincinnati Citybeat Columnist  White T-shirted
look like pigeons. They flock and clock on corners and in doorways
death onto white and black likewise niggas.
Center City...Party over here

By Sonya M. Toler What are you doing Friday, Sept. 19?
"Wiggers" - Stealing Black Culture Or Bridging The Racial Divide

by Steve Echeverria Jr. Welcome to the world of wiggers, a hybrid of
word "white" and the N-word that -- depending on who you ask -- either
reflects a white respect of black culture or is a demeaning label for
poseurs stealing black fashion.
Finding listings of Black tradesmen not impossible

by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer While the availability of
contractors, Black or white, is subject to any number of variables,
accessibility should not.
‘Shot to the head was shot he fired’

by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer No friends, no family, no
and no protesters—the finale to 17-year-old Dion Hall’s inquest was as
as his death in a van in the city’s West End.
Two years later, FBI agent recalls 9/11 Shanksville crash

by Sonya M. Toler Courier Staff Writer Two years ago this past
Roland Corvington, an assistant special agent-in-charge at the FBI’s
headquarters in Pittsburgh, was in Erie attending a training session.
Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s upcoming title fight

Boxing legend Smokin’ Joe Frazier is facing his most daunting title
The upcoming bout will not occur in a boxing arena, but in a court of
The Earth and Alchemy collection

by Debbie Norrell Courier Staff Writer What do you do when you can’t
that special piece of jewelry that you’ve looking for? Well, if you’re
Richelle L. Wilson you make it yourself.
Lifestyles Report…Save our city

Debbie Norrell Courier Lifestyles Writer How did Pittsburgh get to this
point? Our fair city is so broke that we can’t pay attention.
Pittsburgher Named To Royalty For Black Heritage Fest

CLARKSBURG, W.Va.—Pittsburgher Philip Carter has been chosen king of
13th annual West Virginia Black Heritage Festival, which opened Sept. 5
Love Jones…Departure from the norm

By Diotrophes Thomas For New Pittsburgh Courier Exiting my car in the
airport’s short-term parking lot, I was careful not to stare impolitely
the middle-aged couple engaged in a lingering kiss only one car away,
displaying no apparent eagerness to ca
Black chamber president named 2003 Woman of Spirit

Doris Carson Williams, president of the African American Chamber of
of Western Pennsylvania, is one of 10 individuals selected as the 2003
of Spirit.
Church Circuit

Union Baptist Church, 2117 Collingwood Ave., Swissvale, has announced
services will be held each week: worship and fellowship services,
Sundays, 8
a.m. and 11 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:45 a.m.; nursery services, Sundays,
a.m.; Alpha Courses, Tuesday
Gooding, Knowles Head all-star cast in ‘The Fighting Temptations

Darrin Fox (Cuba Gooding Jr.) has just lost his job with a New York
advertising firm and bill collectors are chasing him all over the city.
In The Spotlight...Mya started as a dancer

She may have a voice that gets people dancing, but singing is really a
second career for Mya.
Local student receives national honor

Ashley Edmunds from Pittsburgh and a student at Brashear High School
recently selected for membership in The National Society of High School
The NAACP—here and now—mural clarification

By Marcella L. Lee Let me begin by addressing the mural that is
being painted on the side of the Freedom Unlimited Building. It has
quite a stir in the community.
Triangle Topics…Home cooking

By Jean S. Farrish Greetings! Do you like to try out new recipes on
family? Do they turn out well enough so that you feel comfortable
them to your collection?
De La Hoya bringing back fans

LAS VEGAS—Oscar De La Hoya wasn’t the only one stunned when Shane
beat him the first time they met. Promoter Bob Arum was, too, though it
nothing to do with the outcome of the fight.
LeBron James, Surgeon General, Nike team to launch Phys Ed Prog

Akron, Ohio—Students at Akron’s Margaret Park Elementary School enjoyed
thrill of a lifetime as NBA player and local Akron resident, LeBron
joined U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona to launch a new NikeGO
initiative called PE2GO.
Teen ads urge other teens to ‘buckle up, live’

Using the power of peer pressure, teenagers will try to accomplish what
adults cannot: Convince teens to wear safety belts and reverse a tragic
trend that sees 5,000 young people die in car crashes every year.
Blacks Shouldn’t Bail Democrats Out of Recall Mess

The Hutchinson Report By Earl Ofari Hutchinson California Governor Gray
Davis, and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante have pounded Republican
candidate rival Arnold Schwarzenegger for being anti-immigrant, too
inexperienced, and for giving no specifics
Nominees Set for 2004 Rock Hall of Fame

NEW YORK - Former Beatle George Harrison, Prince, John Mellencamp and
Jackson Browne are among the nominees on the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of
Kobe's Defense: If The Condom Don't Fit, You Must Acquit!

By Lloyd Williams Ever since OJ, it is no longer enough for America
that the
Black male athlete entertains us on the field of play.
Kobe's Defense: If The Condom Don't Fit, You Must Acquit!

By Lloyd Williams Ever since OJ, it is no longer enough for America
that the
Black male athlete entertains us on the field of play.
S. African AIDS Activist Takes AIDS Drugs

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) -- A high-profile AIDS activist, who had
not to take AIDS drugs until the general South African population had
to them, announced he has begun taking the potentially lifesaving
Community Calendar...‘Art from Death Row’

Compiled By Di'Ray James ‘Art from Death Row’ SEPT. 12-14—The artwork
death row prisoners will be featured in “Art from Death Row,” an
at the Mendelson Gallery, 5874 Ellsworth Ave.,  Shady Side. Selected
will be available for purcha
“Fabulous 40 under 40”

Who Are Pittsburgh’s Most Influential Young People? It’s time for
’s rising professionals who are making a difference in this region to
center stage.
WAMO 106 Jamz List & Word On The Street

Baby Boy by       Beyonce w/Sean Paul tops this week's 106 Jamz List.
Office of Black Augusta Paper Raided

WASHINGTON (NNPA)—The owner of the “Augusta Focus,” a Black weekly in
Georgia, says a recent raid on his office by state and federal agencies
carried out to diminish his chances of obtaining $6 million each year
printing the county’s legal notices
Study: Boomers Still Prefer Printed Pages

NEW YORK (AP) -- Andrew Krcik gets much of his news online. Yet he
gets The Economist magazine each week and buys a newspaper each day --
``just to flip through.''
Academics take shots at 'hip-hop intellectuals'

By Bakari Kitwana  For New Pittsburgh Courier It was bound to happen
Every so often a disgruntled handful of people with an agenda line up
cannons to take a shot at hip-hop. This time the anti-hip-hop crusaders
college academics.
To Tell The Truth

By Louis ‘Hop’ Kendrick Someone stupidly asked me what is the advantage
having a Black mayor? They should ask the voters of Atlanta, Chicago,
Detroit, Cleveland and Washington, D.C.
Blackonomics…Taking MATAH to next level

By James Clingman (NNPA)—During the weekend of Aug. 22, I had the
privilege and pleasure  to serve as master of ceremonies for the annual
MATAH conference, which was held in Philadelphia, the home of the Ken
Bridges’ family.
Botswana Holds Pageant for HIV-Positive

DIASPORA DIGEST   GABORONE, Botswana (AP)- Donning both shimmering
gowns and traditional Botswana costumes of animal-skin skirts,
quills adorning their hair, 14 women competed in a beauty pageant for
positive women and their relativ
Malcolm X's Grandson Describes His Life

NEW YORK (AP) -- Malcolm X's grandson, who was 12 when he set the fire
killed the slain civil rights leader's widow, says he used to sit on
jail cot and ask his dead grandmother for a sign of forgiveness.
Payrolls Slashed for 7th Straight Month

WASHINGTON - U.S. companies slashed payrolls for a seventh straight
month in
August, raising new worries that a weak jobs market could shackle the
budding economic recovery despite a slight improvement in the overall
unemployment rate.
Colleges Launch Tuition Savings Program

NEW YORK (AP)- Parents have a new way to save for their children's
educations, especially if they want them to attend some of the nation's
private colleges and universities.
Willie Gary, Burt Reynolds Start Scholarship Fund

Willie E. Gary and actor Burt Reynolds have announced that they are
forces to form a scholarship fund for disadvantaged youth through the
Reynolds & Friends Museum, a non-profit corporation.
Sharpton: Don't Take Blacks for Granted

RICHMOND, Va. - The Rev. Al Sharpton cautioned the Democratic Party
that it
can't treat black voters as its "mistress" and rebuked rap artists for
lyrics that that degrade black women.
Democrat Dean Attracts Few Faces of Color

WASHINGTON - Democrat Howard Dean has drawn new faces to politics, many
them young, middle-class Web surfers. Few of those faces are of color.
Rising gas prices fuel consumer anger

by Sonya M. Toler Courier Staff Writer Although analysts say gas prices
on the way down, some local drivers aren’t happy with the current
Preparing kids for school...PNC Preparing kids for school

by Sonya M. Toler Courier Staff Writer Over the next 10 years, PNC
Services Group has a goal to better prepare 2.8 million children for
in the cities it serves.
Students give new CAPA building thumbs up

by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer There were plenty of “oohs”
“aahs” as students at Pittsburgh’s High School for the Creative and
Performing Arts admired their new $38.5 million building.
Robertson Treatment...Meet the chic Kelly Rowland

By Gil Robertson For New Pittsburgh Courier As one of the latest to
join the
ranks of the Hollywood fresh face echelon, the dazzlingly beautiful
Rowland is showing audiences that she can truly hold her own in
A test for labor, Yale, the nation

By Jesse L. Jackson (NNPA)—On Labor Day, Yale University, one of the
s wealthiest private universities, was the site of a major worker
Courier Exclusive...Increasing minority contract participation

by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer Pennsylvania is fundamentally
changing the way it does business and administration officials say the
change will result in more state contracts for minority- and
firms and millions in cost savings.
‘Take a Health Professional to the People Day’

On Sept. 16 when most of the nation will promote health care in
communities with “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day,” Pitt's Center
Minority Health will turn the tables with “Take a Health Professional
to the
People Day.”
Business Results...Enthusiasm and Success

By Franne McNeal For New Pittsburgh Courier It is hard to keep the
excitement going over time. Sometimes the thrill is in getting
started, but the follow-through is hard work, time-consuming and less
The Carr Report…Plastic can smother you

By Damon Carr For New Pittsburgh Courier We have all at one time been
about the pitfalls and dangers of playing with plastic. Our parents
scold us profusely if they saw us doing what we considered were amusing
such as making masks out
‘Black Horizons’ returns for 35th season

“Black Horizons,” the country’s longest running minority affairs
returns for an historic 35th season, Sept. 19, at 10 p.m. on WQED-TV13.
Business Calendar...A professional image

SEPT. 11—Jonna Martin, managing director, AdvanceMe Associates, will
the business program, “Defining Your Professional Image: How to
Opportunities for Promotion, Financial Reward, and Business Success.”
Poetry : There Used To Be These Guys

By Bob Davis CEO,  They hung around campus... They
the gift of gab. They were "afrocentric" before the word "afrocentric"
invented. They lived their life to be "on the one"
Poetry...There Used To Be These Guys, But Now There's  A Girl

Coming Home By Jaime 'Buddha Fly' McClung  i used to write black power
got my good hair permed in a saaad homage to the fro i aspired to...
listened to Miles and knew that distance meant nothing if you knew
where you
were going
Eat Better, Live Better...A Real Look at 9 A Day

By Dr. Terry Mason Your mother used to pile your dinner plate high with
greens and sweet potatoes and told you to “eat all your vegetables so
will grow up big and strong.”
Blacks Waiting for Organs Transplants Face Double Jeopardy

by Gordon Jackson DALLAS (NNPA)—Her presence in the community has been
visible and strong, even at times striking fear in the hearts of those
may contest her.

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