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The report from the Mayor's Commission on Public Education came out
week. So, this week you are invited to gather with us as we huddle and
at open meetings (see below). Then, next week we'll release our
reactions at
a media event.

Main site: -->    http://PPS.CLOH.Org

Three open planning meetings are being held:

     1.    Noon, Thurs., Oct 2, at the PERC West

     2.    1 pm, Friday, Oct 3, at the PERC West

     3.    Noon, Sunday, Oct 5, at South Side (my home/office)

    4.    TBA, Our public response to the media from real citizens with
understandings and issues is pending.

Please use the on-line registration form to facilitate sign-ups:

    The PERC (Parent Education Resource Center) West is in Langley High
School, 2940 Sheraden Blvd. voice: 412-778-2160 -- hotline:
Enter the High School on the level at the end of the building, opposite
of street from Foodland.

    The South Side meeting at noon on Sunday, Oct. 5 is at 108 South
Street, 412-298-3432. South Side Flats, two blocks from East Carson St.
    Bonus: the South Side Slopes Step Trek is happening that afternoon.

     You are invited to attend any of these 1-hour meetings. Volunteers
parents do not need to attend all three meetings. If possible, please
one session.

Virtual Attendance:
    Send your thoughts and notes to an existing email discussion list:
Opt in (subscribe) at:

School teachers, professional educators and others from beyond the
boundaries of Pgh Pittsburgh Public Schools are welcome to attend and
written comments.

- - -    Great quote from the Post-Gazette:
> "As Pittsburgh goes, there go the rest of us," said George Wilson,
> assistant superintendent in Mt. Lebanon School District. "A strong
> district is important."
> Superintendents in other districts, Wilson said, "have quite a bit of
> interest in how Pittsburgh is handling issues that are issues of all
> districts."
- - -

    Our focus and goals are to set the stage for pending public
Each can speak for him or herself. Together we garner more attention.
Together we better build community. This call isn't for a rally, nor a
debate society meeting.

Come with homework in hand or on disk, please:
    Read the report and be aware of the news prior to the meeting.
Copies of
scripts or outlines of prepared statements are welcomed. Bring a short
Background materials can be posted to the CLOH.Org web site or the
of the email list.

Yawns and Groundswells:
    In some ways, the commission's report is not worthy of a reply.
there is much that was missed by the report. We can't be absent --
especially in the long haul. For example: After school issues loom
large as
the Rec Centers remain closed. Will the swim pools ever open again? Who
the volunteers is going to set our priorities straight for city +
county +
school + CCAC + agency cooperation?

The Great REPLACEMENT Race showed that the city fumbles won't end
fun. WE do "play well with others," even as Tom Murphy can't.

As always, thanks for listening and sharing your ideas.


Mark Rauterkus

Instigator: Youth Technology Summit, http://Summit.CLOH.Org

Watch our cable TV special -- a musical and political 9-11 event.
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