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Two simple requests from Art Votes;
1) Get off yourass and VOTE tomorrow
2) Make sure your friends do, too by passing the word along

*** Please pass this along to anyone you know who cares about the
Arts in Pittsburgh - ***

Tuesday, May 20th is the primary election in the Pittsburgh area.

Art Votes is a newly formed Pittsburgh group that is working to tell
people in power that Pittsburgh's Art community and its supporters are
organized and do vote.  We need to show them where they will notice -
polling place.

Art Votes is non-partisan - we don't care who you vote for as long as

Art Votes hopes to really make its presence known for this Fall's
but the election next week IS TOO IMPORTANT TO IGNORE.  Even with the
election this close, we can still send a message by showing how
and creative we truly are by getting this message out as quickly as
- "If you love the Arts in Pittsburgh, VOTE on TUESDAY"

What you can do NOW...
- e-mail this message to everyone you know who enjoys the Arts in

- if you are performing this weekend, attending an arts event this
or just hanging around with friends, tell them about the election and
encourage them to vote

- VOTE on Tuesday

- Take the time to talk to your friends & make sure they vote, too

- Let us know that you have voted on Tuesday by visiting our website

What you can do LATER...
- get involved with Art Votes.  We will be hosting an introductory
in June.  Get in on the ground floor of this organization and help it
into a voice for the Pittsburgh Arts Community.  If you are interested,

If you have election questions such as where to vote or if you are
registered to vote, call the Allegheny County Elections Division

Thank you,

Art Votes

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our projects, calls for participation, and other information about our
activities relevant to our extended community.