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Pittsburgh Symposium on Abandoned Buildings and Vacant Land
Friday, June 6, 2003
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The City, Boroughs, and Older Urban Areas are impaired by:
. Vacant land, abandoned buildings and lots;
. Few comprehensive development plans for vacant property re-use;
. A need for investment capital or other resources available to

A Strategy for 2003 and Beyond that includes:
. Comprehensive planning by local and state government agencies,
working in partnership with business and community interests to promote sensible
real estate development;
. New resources to implement vacant property reclamation projects;
. Sound land use policies and community development strategies that can
be organized locally;
. Progressive statewide policies, legislation, and citizen initiatives
to support more new construction and rehabilitation ventures.

Confirmed speakers include:
Parris N. Glendening, former governor of Maryland, President of Smart
Growth America/Smart Growth Leadership Institute
Paul Brophy, author of Ten Steps to Urban Land Reform
Patricia Smith, Office of the Mayor, The City of Philadelphia
Maxine Griffith, Executive Director, Philadelphia Planning Commission
Keith Welks, Phoenix Land Recycling
Stephen R. Blank, Senior Fellow, Urban Land Institute

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Registration fee: $50 per person ($15 per person if representing a
non-profit organization or community group
) includes conference
activities, continental breakfast and luncheon. Send completed registration form,
with check or money order (payable to Pittsburgh History & Landmarks
Foundation) to:

Cathy McCollom
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation
100 West Station Square Drive Suite 450
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1134

Sponsored by:
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation,Pittsburgh Community
Reinvestment Group,and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Pittsburgh Branch,
with support from Citizens Bank,National City Bank,PNC Bank,Fannie Mae Pittsburgh,
Local Initiatives Support Corporation,Urban Land Institute, Soldiers &
Sailors Memorial Hall

Scholarships are available courtesy of Pittsburgh Partnership for
Neighborhood Development. Contact Cathy McCollom at PHLF for an
application at 412-471-5808 ext. 516 or email