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Oxygen 2

...the psychotronicbumpgroove soiree...




Saturday June 11th 2005

@ The Quiet Storm

5430 Penn Ave  [Friendship/Garfield].  412-661-9355.  Map/Directions


With DJs

Curt Jackson (Technoir Audio)       
Tom Cox (720Records.com)       
Ashwin Tumne (WYEP 91.3 FM)


Sound System by Teagarden Sound & Light, LLC

Video Art by GorillaTactics Design


$5 door    |    9 pm    |     BYOB


brought to you by


www.quietstormcoffee.com   |  www.elementfive.info  |   www.technoiraudio.com  |  www.720records.com


So what's a "soul-jazz-funk-disco-dance-party"? It's what sound theorist Kudwo Eshun refers to as the "psychotronicbumpgroove". A mix of soulful dance music from the late '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and 21st century. Afrobeat, Broken Beat, Jazz, Disco, Funk, Deep House, Latin Soul, Rare Grooves, 80s jams. The lines are blurred between time, sound, cultures and geographic borders. All in the spirit of a higher groove.  Free your body, the mind and soul will follow...


Some Soul Jazz Funk Disco Links:


"With the groove our only guide, we shall all be moved"
-Funkadelic, "One Nation Under A Groove"



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