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The folks at the super speedy Duquesne Light finally have my power up and running (albiet after three full days) so this message is a tad late. I even went as far as to steal J-Strong's (Shadow Lounge Don) listbot for a hot second to spread the word about "Scratch".


For those not in the know, "Scratch" is a new but long in the making documentary by Doug Pray. Sort of like a "Battle Sounds" with a much larger budget Doug explores the art of the DJ taking it from Kool Herc on up.


Sad to say but a recent update from my on the spot correspondent (many thanks Image) is that the turn out has been extremely low. "Scratch" is playing a the Oaks Cinema in Oakmont neighborhood, only about 10 minutes out of the city. This Monday(06.03.02) there will be a special 8pm screening (10:15 all other days until 06-06-02) followed by a panel led by yours truly and DJ Supa C. Everyone complains about Pittsburgh being passed over when major shows come to the tri-state area. This is your chance to prove the skeptics wrong and show that we have a scene, and should not be dismissed. The cost is a mere $4 so definitely come out and show your smiling face. I may even throw in some promo goodies to entice the kiddies to come out. "Scratch" may have never made it to the big screen in Pittsburgh if it was only for the Palm Pictures booking staff. We owe a decent turnout to the Oaks Cinema management for taking a chance on such a niche film. Please come out and support. Additional details follow.............


directions to the Oaks


From Pittsburgh: Take 28N to Harmarville Exit, RIGHT onto Freeport Road, LEFT across the Hulton Bridge, RIGHT onto Allegheny River Boulevard immediately after you cross the railroad tracks. The theater is a few blocks up on your LEFT.


From Oakland:Take Fifth Avenue EAST across Penn Avenue, continuing onto Washington Boulevard. RIGHT onto Allegheny River Boulevard when Washington ends. Follow Allegheny River Boulevard about 4 miles—the theater is on your RIGHT when the street turns to brick.


From Monroeville:Take the Churchill Exit from the Parkway (I 376). Turn RIGHT onto Beulah Road. Follow Beulah until it turns into Sandy Creek Road and intersects with Allegheny River Boulevard, approximately 3.5 miles. Turn RIGHT onto Allegheny River Boulevard and follow for about 4 miles—the theater is on your RIGHT when the street turns to brick.


Buses:77A and 78A bus stops nearby. Port Authority Customer Service 412. 442. 2000









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