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ii.              element 5 local music picks


iii.             element 5 friends from out of town


iv.             local music shops


v.              music history links


vi.             a few music tutorials (fun and worth checking out)


vii.            element 5 @ the Movies


viii.           some music resources


ix.             free audio streaming and downloads




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 past events

new          Red Hot + Momentum – Dec 6th, 2003 @ The Mattress Factory

new          Momentum Anniversary Party – Sept 13th, 2003 @ The Shadow Lounge

FLUX After Party – Jun 6th, 2003 @ The Shadow Lounge

MINIm Jazz-Be-Jazz Festival - May 2nd-3rd, 2003  @ The Quiet Storm

element 5 jazz party - May 1st, 2003 @ Club Havana

                        FLUX After Party – Apr 5th, 2003 @ The Shadow Lounge

Code 3 Productions: Versus Project - Feb 6th, 2003 @ Club Cafe

Moonstarr + Friends Live – Jan 17th, 2003 @ The Andy Warhol Museum

3 Generations Walking Live Nov 8th, 2002 @ The Brewhouse

MINIm Funkey Monkey Festival Sept 26-27th, 2002 @ The Quiet Storm

Momentum – Aug 3rd, 2002 @ The Quiet Storm

Momentum – May 11th, 2002 @ The Shadow Lounge

Momentum – March 2nd, 2002 @ The Shadow Lounge


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element 5 local music picks:


Shawn Rudiman

3 Generations Walking


Soma Mestizo

Middle East

Code 3 Productions

New Soul Theory 

Christiane D 

Betty Douglas


UltraViolet Trio

Lilly Abreu

Nego Gato

The Bridgespotters

Damion Dreher

Influential Flavor

Mi Sandz

Pitt Gamelon Ensemble


Matula Oblongata


The Johnsons Big Band


Rusted Root

Intuitive Research Project

Pitt African Ensemble

Red Tape Productions

Strict Flow

Barrett Black



Umoja African Arts Company



The New Alcindors

Colter Harper

Jazz Inc.

Anthony Fugate

Simon Jaegar

Jim Donovan

The Hardgroove Project


Gene Stovall


Lone Catalysts

Nathan Davis

The Unspunt Orkestra

Afrika Yetu

Jimmy Ponder

Frank Cunnimondo

Electric Eel Service

Ritual Space Travel Agency


Jazz Satellite

Dr. Nelson E. Harrison

Life In Balance

Cap Gun Quartet


The Flow Band

Terra Ambient

J.G. Boccella

The Rain Quartet

Liz Berlin

The Mofones

Mad Merv

The Rap Group

Gaylord Williams, Jr.

Lab Type Zero

Fyah Wyah

Planet 22

Deep Field South



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element 5 friends from out of town:

Public Transit Recordings (Toronto, Canada)

ele-mental collective (Columbus, OH) (Worldwide)

The Sun Ra Arkestra (Philadelphia, PA)

Jazzanova (Berlin, Germany)

the lofthouse (Detroit, MI)

Planet E (Detroit, MI)

Pyramid Transmissions (London, UK)

Project (Toronto, Canada)

Kenbun (Strasbourg, France)

4 Hero (Dollis Hill, UK)


Hot Stepper (Toronto, Canada)

Daniel Wang (NYC, NY)

7th city (Detroit, MI) (Worldwide)

The Tabla Guy (Toronto, Canada)

Compost Records (Munich, Germany)

Karsh Kale (NYC, NY)

Funky Teknicianz (Toronto, Canada)

John Tejada (Los Angelos, Ca)

DBX (Berlin, Germany)

Titonton (Columbus, OH)

Scale Studio (Toronto, Canada)

Detroit Grand Pubahs (Detroit, MI)

J-Live (NYC, NY)

The Round Table (Toronto, Canada)

Groove Merchant Records (San Francisco, CA)

Underground Resistance (Detroit, MI)

Spiritual Life Music (NYC, NY)

R.E.M.G. (Toronto, Canada)

Ubiquity Records (Newport Beach, CA)

Moonraker (Boston, MA)

Famzine (Detroit, MI)

Six Degrees Records (San Francisco, CA)


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Local Music Shops:

                720 Records

                Milk Records

                Paul's Compact Discs


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element 5 music history picks:

Sun Ra

The Art Ensemble of Chicago

Doumbek Rhythms

A History of Techno

Ancient Greek Music

The Master Musicians of Jajouka

An introduction to Hindustani Indian Classical Music

Another Introduction to Indian Classical Music (covers other styles)

The David Axelrod Informational Society

L Ron Hubbard: The Music Maker

Robert Moog and Moog Sythesizers

Nina Simone

The Digeridoo and Aboriginal Culture

A Love Supreme – The Estatic Experience in Jazz

Gil Scott-Heron

All about the “Theremin”

The Private Tapes of Ash Ra Tempel

Eddie Palmieri

Steve Reich


Bold Soul Sisters

The history of electronic and experimental music

A History of Punk

A History of Dance

The Red Hot Jazz Archive

Duke Ellington on Jazz (requires Real Audio player)

The Orishas in Music

Dandemutunde: Zimbabwean Music Worldwide

Babatunde Olatunji

Fela Kuti

The Sequence

Karlheinz Stockhausen

The Music of Tibetan Buddhism

120 years of electronic musical instruments


The Influence of Country Rock on Hip-hop

Deutsche Gramophone – the world’s oldest record label

The History of the Gramophone

Origins of Capoeira

Brazillian Music

Plucked String Instruments: Travels, mutations, and common roots

The Metaphysics of Music   –   Part I  /  Part II  /  Part III


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a few music tutorials:

Infinite Wheel Learn about the roots of the DJ-producer. If you’ve ever been to 720 Records in East Liberty [big up Selecta], you will have likely learned the significance of the number 720.  This website demonstrates the infinite possibilities of 720 in the most addictive hands-on audio tutorial & demonstration [requires Flash Player].

Break SelectorTry this one after the Infinite Wheel demo [requires Flash Player].

Drum breaks - To satisfy that never ending curiosity of "yo, where'd they sample those drums from"?

Beat Matching - The foundation of the DJ.

Capoeira Fighter Experience the roots of breakdancing in this unique interactive online game.  Learn the keystrokes for it and then practice your moves. Two can play the game.  If you’d like to experience some real-life capoeira in the steel city, check out Nego Gato [Capoeira game requires Flash Player].

Capoiera Tutorial - Requires Flash Player

Breakdance An interactive online tutorial for the beginner. Learn the steps, practice the moves, show off to your friends. [Requires Flash Player].





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@ the Movies:

             Black Orpheus

                The Harder They Come

                THX 1138


                Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song

                Wild Style

                Space is the Place

                Pather Panchali


                Fear of a Black Hat

                Downtown 81

                Chameleon Street


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Some Music Resources:

Music Awareness Pittsburgh Get involved in the Local music community. Put your scene on the MAP.

All Music Guide

All Things Deep A website that takes music to the deep levels of bass. Listen to some tunes. Enjoy the reading.

Beta Lounge Premier DJ showcase, broadcasting from San Francisco, CA,  worldwide on the internet. Find out what Robert Moog’s been up to lately. 

The Global African Music Series

Tibetan Music Online

Acid-Jazz Server The grassroots internet community that nucleated a worldwide musical movement defining the new sound of underground soul & electronic music. Excellent informational resource for the urban music enthusiast.

Future of Music Coalition - A not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy and intellectual property law communities.

The Pauper Financial Career and Legal Resources for Artists.

MUSICA - The Music & Science Information Computer Archive. Analysis and commentary on the broad field of research on music and behavior, including evolution, brain mechanisms, child development, perception, learning, memory, performance, health and related topics.

The Hyperreal Music Archive An excellent and very comprehensive website for all things related to “electronic” and “DJ”. 

The U.S. Copyright Office

Detroit Electronic Music Festival Woodstock for the 21st century. The annual Memorial weekend music festival in Detroit, MI that attracted 3 million people from all over the world under a spirit of community and soulful vibrations.

Jazz Links

Electronic Music Instruments

The African Music EncyclopediaTaking us back to the roots.

Techno Rebels An often under appreciated fact is Techno music’s true origins in the working-class American Midwest. Read this book to learn the real history behind the music. Listen to some audio clips, too. A very comprehensive site about the deep soulful sounds we call funk.  For all your Funk needs and indulgences.

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe A multi-cultural artistic community pushing the boundaries outside the mainstream. A living room hosting the freshest art to come through the ports of New York City.

The Jammin’ Reggae Archives all the flavas of kulcha.

iReggae A website livicated to change through the word, sound, and power of reggae music.

So you wanna press your own record? 

Koto Music Homepage

Gospel Links

Temple of Hip Hop The preservation society for promoting and protecting Hip Hop culture as a social strategy toward health, love, awareness and prosperity. 

So You Wanna be a DJ?

Comprehensive links to Tabla websites dha tere ki te….

ECM Records Website For the sophisticated music connoisseur. Music organization dedicated to AIDS awareness and prevention.



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Some Listens [be sure to browse the other links above for more internet audio feeds]:

Momentum – March 2nd, 2002 @ The Shadow Lounge

Momentum – May 11th, 2002 @ The Shadow Lounge

Momentum – Aug 3rd, 2002 @ The Quiet Storm

Radio Locator Can’t find the music you’re looking for on the city’s airwaves? Check this website to find and listen to countless radio stations and internet audio streams from any zip code, any state, any country.

Moonstarr Live at the Beta Lounge w/ Rosina on vocals, Jugular on Beatbox.

Clear Radio the best in soulful underground music from your most trusted DJ, Dave Cooper.

JazzanovaLive at the Beta Lounge listening station

Titonton DuvanteDJ set at the Beta Lounge

Shawn Rudiman

·      Blu-12

·      Live @ HyperVinyl w/ Akil Harris

·      Detroit Vibes

Ed LunaDJ set at the Beta Lounge. 


Pablo ValentinoWeekly radio show broadcasting from Strasbourg, France.


iReggae.comReal audio archives containing over 100 hours of reggae kulcha.


Persian Music Audio Websites


Beta Lounge - Weekly live and archived sets featuring DJs from around the world. Broadcasting from San Francisco, CA , worldwide on the internet.


Broken Beat RadioWeekly radio show broadcasting from Philadelphia, PA w/ your hosts Argo and 99.


Gilles Peterson Worldwide Listen to the legend himself, the DJ who’s defined the realm of Nu Jazz. From BBC Radio 1, worldwide!


Todd Sines + Natache Labelle Live!!!


Radio Tunisia Live from Tunisia. Listen to something different.


Jazzanova Radio - ‘nuff said.

Harit’s Collection of Indian and International Real Audio sites Excellent comprehensive source for internet audio of all music genres from South Asia subcontinent. 


Jwan AllenLive @ Zythos.  Funky Detroit Techno and Deep House from the steel city’s minimalist maestro.


Gongcast Real Audio broadcasts of all types of Gamelan music from Indonesia.  For the full cultural experience,  check out the Indonesian Recipe Archive while enjoyning the music. 


Luke & Luke Live @ Zythos.


Acid-Jazz List Wide selection of internet radio listens on the soulful groove tip.


All India Radio Numerous real audio selections including Indian Classical and Hindi Film music courtesy of the Government of India Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

M-Rock Rockin’ a quick turntable demo in the basement. 56K or 300K real media stream. 

Laurent Garnier Live in Detroit

Solar Radio Broadcasting from the UK, soul music in all shades of blue [Windows Media Player required].


Jazz mp3 or real audio

Poetics mp3 or real audio

Movement mp3 or real audio

Soul Train mp3 or real audio

Technoir mp3 or real audio 

Some breaks and beats


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